Podcasting terms


A software application used to download podcast episodes.

What is a podcatcher in podcasting?

A podcatcher in podcasting is a software application used to download podcasts. These applications are also known as podcast clients, and they function by checking subscribed podcast feeds for new episodes and automatically downloading them for the user. This allows users to listen to the episodes at their convenience, even when they are offline.

Podcatchers can be used on various devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. They often provide features such as playlist creation, variable playback speed, and sleep timers. Some popular podcatchers include Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Overcast. These applications have made it easier for users to access and manage their favorite podcasts, contributing to the growth of podcasting as a popular form of media.

How does a podcatcher work in podcasting?

A podcatcher, also known as a podcast client, is a software application used to download various types of media content, primarily podcasts. The primary function of a podcatcher is to automatically download new episodes of a subscribed podcast, saving them on the user's device for offline listening or viewing. This allows users to consume their favorite podcasts at their convenience, without the need for a continuous internet connection.

The way a podcatcher works is by utilizing RSS feeds provided by podcast hosts. These feeds contain metadata about each episode, including the title, description, and most importantly, the URL of the media file. When a new episode is published, the RSS feed is updated, and the podcatcher, which periodically checks these feeds, recognizes the new content and downloads it. This process is typically automated, but users can also manually refresh their feeds or download specific episodes.

What are the best podcatchers for podcasting?

Podcatchers, or podcast managers, are essential tools for podcast enthusiasts. One of the best podcatchers available is Pocket Casts. It's a powerful and premium podcasting platform that offers a sleek user interface and robust features like playback speed control, volume boost, a sleep timer, and more. It supports both iOS and Android devices, and also offers a web player. Pocket Casts has a discovery section that makes it easy to find new podcasts, which can be filtered by category or popularity.

Another top-rated podcatcher is Overcast. It's an iOS-only app that offers a great combination of easy-to-use interface and powerful features. Overcast stands out for its Voice Boost and Smart Speed features. Voice Boost normalizes the sound levels of speech, making quiet voices louder and loud voices quieter. Smart Speed shortens silences. Overcast also supports playlist-making, has robust show notes, and it’s great for discovering new podcasts. Both Pocket Casts and Overcast are excellent choices for podcasting.

Why is a podcatcher important in podcasting?

A podcatcher is crucial in podcasting as it automates the process of downloading and managing podcast episodes for the listener. This software or application allows users to subscribe to their favorite podcasts and automatically receive new episodes as they are released. This eliminates the need for manual searching and downloading, making the podcast listening experience more convenient and enjoyable.

Moreover, podcatchers often come with additional features that enhance the podcasting experience. These may include playback speed control, sleep timers, and episode bookmarking. They also allow listeners to discover new podcasts through recommendations based on their listening habits. Therefore, a podcatcher plays a significant role in the growth and popularity of podcasting by making it more accessible and user-friendly.

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