Loom terms

Flip camera

Switching between camera views (e.g., front and back).

What is a flip camera in Loom?

A flip camera in Loom is a feature that allows users to switch between different cameras during a recording. This is particularly useful for individuals who have multiple cameras connected to their device and want to change the view during a video. For instance, a user might start a recording with a front-facing camera and then switch to a rear-facing camera to show a different perspective.

The flip camera feature enhances the flexibility and versatility of video recordings in Loom. It allows for a more dynamic and interactive video experience, as users can easily change the visual focus of their content. This can be especially beneficial in educational or instructional videos, where different camera angles may be needed to effectively demonstrate a process or concept.

How to flip camera in Loom while recording?

Flipping the camera while recording in Loom is a straightforward process. First, you need to start recording your video. Once you've started, you'll see a control bar at the bottom of your screen. On this control bar, you'll find an icon that looks like a camera. Click on this icon to flip your camera.

If you want to switch between your front and rear camera, you can do so by clicking on the same camera icon. This will flip your camera view. Remember, this feature is only available if your device has more than one camera. If you're using a device with a single camera, you won't be able to flip it while recording.

Can you switch camera view in Loom?

Yes, you can switch camera view in Loom. Loom allows you to record videos using either your screen, your camera, or both. When you start recording, you can choose to capture your entire screen, a specific application window, or a specific browser tab. You can also choose whether to include your camera in the recording or not.

If you choose to include your camera, a small window showing your camera view will appear at the bottom of the screen. You can move this window around, resize it, or hide it completely during the recording. You can also switch between front and rear cameras if your device has multiple cameras. This gives you a lot of flexibility in how you present your content.

Is there a way to flip the camera in Loom during a video call?

Yes, there is a way to flip the camera in Loom during a video call. When you are in a video call, you can switch between the front and rear cameras. This feature is particularly useful if you are using a mobile device and want to show the other participants something that is in front of you.

To flip the camera, you need to click on the camera icon, which is usually located at the bottom of the screen. A menu will appear, and you can choose which camera you want to use. If you are using a desktop computer, you may need to have an additional webcam connected to your computer to use this feature.

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