Substack terms

Featured Image

The main image representing a post or newsletter.

What is the featured image in Substack?

Substack does not have a specific "featured image" like some platforms. However, when creating a post on Substack, users have the option to add images within the body of their content. These images can be used to enhance the message of the post, provide visual interest, or illustrate a point. The first image in a post often serves a similar function to a "featured image" on other platforms, as it is the first visual element that readers see when they open the post.

In addition, Substack also allows users to add a profile picture and a header image for their publication. The profile picture is typically a photo or logo that represents the author or the publication, while the header image is a larger, banner-style image that appears at the top of the publication's Substack page. These images help to establish the visual identity of the publication and can be changed or updated at any time.

How to add a featured image in Substack?

To add a featured image in Substack, you first need to create a new post or edit an existing one. Once you're in the post editor, you'll see a toolbar at the top of the page. Click on the "Insert Image" icon, which looks like a small picture. This will open a dialog box that allows you to upload an image from your computer or insert an image URL.

After you've selected your image, click "Open" or "Insert" to add it to your post. You can then click and drag the image to move it, or click on it to open a menu that allows you to align it, add a caption, or remove it. To make the image featured, you need to move it to the top of your post. The first image in the post will be used as the featured image.

What size should the featured image be in Substack?

Substack does not explicitly specify the ideal size for a featured image. However, it's generally recommended to use high-resolution images for better quality. A common size used for blog post featured images, which should work well on Substack, is around 1200 x 630 pixels. This size is large enough for high-quality display on most devices and platforms, and it's also the optimal size for sharing on many social media platforms.

However, it's important to note that the platform automatically resizes images to fit the layout. Therefore, while the image should be high resolution, the exact dimensions can vary. It's also worth considering the file size, as very large files might take longer to load, potentially impacting user experience. As a rule of thumb, try to keep the image file size under 1 MB.

Why is my featured image not showing up in Substack?

There could be several reasons why your featured image is not showing up in Substack. One common issue could be related to the size or format of the image. Substack supports JPEG, PNG, and GIF formats, and the image size should not exceed 10MB. If your image is in a different format or larger than the supported size, it may not display correctly.

Another possible reason could be a glitch or bug in the Substack system. If you've confirmed that your image is in the correct format and size, try logging out and back into your account, or try uploading the image again. If the problem persists, it might be worth reaching out to Substack's support team for assistance. They may be able to identify if there's a problem with your specific account or if there's a larger issue at play.

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