Loom terms

Enterprise Admin

A user role with advanced permissions to manage settings for the entire organization's Loom use.

What is an enterprise admin in Loom?

An enterprise admin in Loom is a user with the highest level of control and access within the organization's Loom account. This role is typically assigned to the person responsible for managing the organization's use of the Loom platform. The enterprise admin has the ability to add or remove users, manage user permissions, control team settings, and oversee the organization's overall usage of Loom.

In addition, the enterprise admin can also access and manage the billing information for the organization's Loom account. They can upgrade or downgrade the organization's subscription, view billing history, and update payment information. They also have the ability to enforce security settings and compliance policies across the organization. This role is crucial in ensuring the effective and secure use of Loom within an enterprise setting.

What are the responsibilities of an Enterprise Admin in Loom?

An Enterprise Admin in Loom has a wide range of responsibilities, primarily revolving around managing the organization's Loom account. This includes adding and removing users, managing user roles and permissions, and overseeing the organization's usage of the platform. They are responsible for ensuring that all users have the necessary access and permissions to perform their roles effectively.

In addition, the Enterprise Admin is also responsible for managing the organization's security settings on Loom. This includes setting up and enforcing security policies, managing integrations with other software, and ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations. They may also be tasked with troubleshooting any issues that users may encounter while using Loom, and liaising with Loom's support team when necessary. Overall, the Enterprise Admin plays a crucial role in ensuring that the organization can use Loom effectively and securely.

How to become an Enterprise Admin in Loom?

To become an Enterprise Admin in Loom, you must first be part of an organization that has an Enterprise plan with Loom. The current admin of the organization can then grant you the role of an Enterprise Admin. This is typically done by going to the 'Team' section of the Loom dashboard, selecting your name, and changing your role to 'Admin'.

However, if you are the one who initially set up the Enterprise plan for your organization, you will automatically be the Enterprise Admin. As an Enterprise Admin, you will have the ability to manage all aspects of your organization's Loom account, including adding or removing team members, managing billing, and setting up security measures.

What are the benefits of being an Enterprise Admin in Loom?

Being an Enterprise Admin in Loom offers several benefits. Firstly, it provides extensive control and management over the organization's account. This includes managing users, controlling team settings, and overseeing billing information. It allows the admin to add or remove members, change member roles, manage team-wide recording settings, and handle other administrative tasks. This level of control ensures that the organization's Loom usage aligns with its policies and requirements.

Secondly, Enterprise Admins have access to advanced security features and analytics. They can monitor the team's activity, track usage data, and gain insights to optimize the team's workflow. They can also enforce security measures like single sign-on (SSO) and two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect the organization's data. Additionally, they have the ability to manage the integrations with other enterprise tools, enhancing the overall productivity and efficiency of the team.

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