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Directory Sync

Automatic synchronization of user accounts and groups from a company directory to Loom.

What is directory sync in Loom?

Directory Sync in Loom is a feature that allows organizations to manage their users more efficiently. It enables automatic synchronization of user data from an organization's Identity Provider (IdP) to Loom. This means that when changes are made in the IdP, such as adding or removing users, these changes are automatically reflected in Loom.

This feature is particularly useful for larger organizations as it eliminates the need for manual user management. It ensures that only the correct individuals have access to Loom and that their access is removed when they leave the organization. Directory Sync in Loom supports various IdPs, including Okta, Azure Active Directory, and Google Workspace, among others.

How to set up Directory Sync in Loom?

To set up Directory Sync in Loom, you first need to have admin access to both your Loom account and your organization's Identity Provider (IdP). Loom supports various IdPs like Okta, OneLogin, and Azure Active Directory. Once you have the necessary access, navigate to the 'Team Settings' page on your Loom dashboard and select 'Directory Sync'.

From there, you can choose your IdP and follow the instructions provided to set up the sync. This typically involves entering specific details from your IdP into Loom, such as the SSO URL and the Entity ID. Once you've entered the necessary information, you can test the connection to ensure everything is working correctly. After successful testing, you can enable the sync, which will automatically add and remove users from your Loom account based on your IdP settings.

Why is my Directory Sync not working in Loom?

There could be several reasons why your Directory Sync is not working in Loom. One common issue could be related to your network connection. If your internet connection is unstable or slow, it might prevent the Directory Sync from functioning properly. Make sure you have a stable and strong internet connection.

Another possible reason could be due to incorrect settings or configurations. Ensure that you have correctly set up the Directory Sync according to the instructions provided by Loom. If you have recently made changes to your settings or configurations, it might have affected the Directory Sync. Try resetting your settings or configurations to see if it resolves the issue. If the problem persists, it would be best to contact Loom's customer support for further assistance.

Can I customize my Directory Sync settings in Loom?

Yes, you can customize your Directory Sync settings in Loom. Loom provides a variety of options to manage and customize your Directory Sync settings according to your needs. This feature allows you to control which users and groups are synced from your directory to Loom. You can choose to sync all users and groups, or you can specify which ones you want to include or exclude.

In addition, you can also customize the frequency of the sync. This can be particularly useful if you have a large organization and want to minimize the impact on your network. You can also choose to enable or disable automatic provisioning and deprovisioning of users. This can help you manage your Loom licenses more effectively. Please note that these settings may vary depending on the type of directory you are syncing with Loom.

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