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Completion Rate

Metric indicating the percentage of a video watched by viewers on average.

What is the completion rate in Loom?

Loom does not publicly disclose specific completion rates for its video messaging platform. The completion rate would refer to the percentage of videos that are watched in their entirety by recipients. This metric can be influenced by various factors such as the length of the video, the content, and the engagement of the viewer.

However, Loom does provide analytics for individual users to track their own video performance. These analytics include view count, viewer information, and watch time, which can give users an idea of their personal completion rate. It's important to note that a high completion rate is often indicative of effective and engaging content.

How is the completion rate calculated in Loom?

Loom calculates the completion rate by tracking the viewer's engagement with the video. It measures the percentage of the video that each viewer watches. For instance, if a viewer watches the entire video, the completion rate is 100%. If they only watch half of the video, the completion rate is 50%.

This metric is crucial for understanding how effectively your content is engaging your audience. If the completion rate is low, it might indicate that the content is not engaging or too long. On the other hand, a high completion rate suggests that viewers are finding the content valuable and engaging. Loom provides these analytics to help users improve their video content and engagement strategies.

Why is my completion rate in Loom not 100%?

Your completion rate in Loom may not be 100% due to a variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons is that you may not have finished watching all the videos in your course or program. Loom tracks your progress by checking if you've watched all the videos from start to finish. If you skip parts of a video or don't watch a video at all, it will not count as completed.

Another reason could be technical issues. Sometimes, the platform may not properly track your progress due to glitches or bugs. If you're sure you've watched all the videos but your completion rate is still not 100%, it might be a good idea to contact Loom's support team for assistance. They can help identify if there's a problem with your account or the platform itself.

How can I improve the completion rate in Loom?

Improving the completion rate in Loom, a video messaging tool, can be achieved by focusing on the quality and relevance of the content. Ensure that the videos you create are engaging, concise, and provide value to the viewer. Avoid unnecessary information or lengthy introductions, as these can cause viewers to lose interest and stop watching. Use visuals and animations to make your content more engaging and easier to understand.

Additionally, it's important to consider the user experience. Make sure the video is easy to access and play, with clear instructions for any interactive elements. Use analytics to understand when and why users are dropping off, and make adjustments based on these insights. You could also consider implementing a feedback system to directly ask viewers what they liked or didn't like about the video, and what could be improved. This will provide valuable insights to help increase the completion rate.

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