Circle terms

Community Platform

The overarching software or service that facilitates the creation and management of online communities.

What is a Community Platform?

A community platform is a digital space where people with shared interests or goals can connect, communicate, and collaborate. It can be a website, an app, or a part of a larger platform, designed to facilitate interaction among its members. These platforms often provide tools for discussion, content sharing, event planning, and other forms of collaboration. They can be used for a wide range of purposes, from professional networking and knowledge sharing to hobbyist groups and social causes.

Community platforms can be public or private, and they can be managed by individuals, organizations, or companies. They often include features like forums, chat rooms, private messaging, and content sharing capabilities. The main goal of a community platform is to foster engagement and build a sense of community among its members. They can be a powerful tool for building relationships, sharing information, and driving collective action.

How much does Circle cost?

Circle offers different pricing plans for their community platform, which are designed to cater to various needs and budgets. As of now, they have three main plans: Basic, Professional, and Enterprise. The Basic plan costs $39 per month, the Professional plan is $79 per month, and the Enterprise plan requires you to contact them for a custom quote.

These prices are for annual billing. If you choose to pay monthly, the Basic plan is $49 per month and the Professional plan is $99 per month. Each plan comes with different features and capabilities, so the cost will depend on the specific needs of your community. It's also worth noting that Circle offers a 14-day free trial for you to test out their platform before committing to a plan.

How to use Circle?

Circle is a community platform that is easy to use once you understand its basic features. To start, you need to create an account on Circle. Once your account is set up, you can create your own community or join an existing one. You can customize your community by adding a logo, cover image, and description. You can also set up different spaces within your community for different topics or discussions.

To engage with your community, you can create posts, comment on existing posts, and react to other members' posts. You can also send direct messages to other members. Circle also allows you to manage your community by setting up rules, moderating content, and managing members. You can also track your community's growth and engagement through the platform's analytics feature.

Remember, the key to a successful community on Circle is regular engagement and interaction. Make sure to regularly post interesting content, respond to comments, and encourage discussions among members.

What features does Circle offer?

Circle offers a wide range of features designed to foster engagement and collaboration. It provides a space where users can create their own communities, with the ability to customize the look and feel of their community space. Users can create different types of content such as posts, comments, and events, and organize them into spaces and subspaces. The platform also supports rich media like images, videos, and file attachments.

In addition, Circle offers features for community management and moderation. Administrators can manage members, set permissions, and moderate content to ensure a safe and respectful environment. The platform also integrates with other tools like Zapier, Slack, and Mailchimp, allowing users to automate tasks and streamline their workflows. Furthermore, it provides analytics to track community growth and engagement. Lastly, Circle is designed to be mobile-friendly, ensuring a seamless experience across different devices.

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