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Sales Videos

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What is a sales video?

A sales video are videos used to facilitate remote selling (or virtual selling). At beginning of the sales process an introduction video works best. Later in the process more depth videos like demonstrations or proposal walk-throughs can be used. Sales videos help you build trust with your leads by being more visible throughout the sales process.

How to make a sales video:

Step 1: Record

From the Tella recorder choose what you want to capture — you can record your screen, camera, or both at the same time — then press “Start recording”. Record as many clips as you need to cover the different parts of your message.

Step 2: Customise

Once you’ve recorded your clips you can customise and edit them as needed. Trim clips so that they start and end where you want. Choose from different layouts to match your content. Make a great impression with your leads by adding their logo to your video background.

Step 3: Share or Download

When you’re done editing, press “Finish”. Now you can share a link to your video’s page over email. You can also share the video’s animated gif thumbnail to improve click-through rates.


How do you use video in sales?

Video in sales can be used at different stages of the sales process. When qualifying leads, short videos introducing yourself and your service can be used. This will help you gauge their interest. If they’re interested and can progress further in the sales process you can start using other kinds of videos. When leads need a better understanding of your offering things like product demo videos or video presentations work well. To close a deal, use proposal walkthrough videos. These provide additional context and help your client understand the proposal better.

What should a sales video include?

This depends on the type of sales video you are creating. Always start the video by saying the recipient’s name and company name. If you’re creating a pitch video for an early in the sales process, introduce yourself and explain how your service can help. If you’re creating a more in-depth video for later in the sales process, like a product demo or proposal walkthrough, start by summarising what you’ll be covering in the video.

How do you make a good sales video?

Just like any contact with customers you want to be professional, come across as approachable, and generally make a good impression. When creating sales videos it’s important that you record in a location that has good lighting, so your face is clearly visible. If you’re presenting information in your video, make sure fully visible on video — avoid cluttered slides with small text. If you’re doing a demonstration try rehearsing it a couple of times beforehand so that it flows nicely in the version you send. Make your video stand out by using a branded backgrounds that feature your customer’s logo.

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