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What is a mobile app demo video?

A mobile app demo video shows how an app or app’s feature works. Mobile app demos don’t normally need to go into lots of details, their purpose is to give viewers enough information to be interested and have an understanding of how it works. Mobile product demos are typically a screen recording of the app, but can also feature narration or a recording of your camera.

How do you make a mobile app demo video?

Step 1: Connect your mobile device

Connect your mobile phone to your computer. For iOS to Mac you can do this using a USB cable and Quicktime OR by mirroring your iPhone screen to your Mac. For Android devices you can do this using an app like Reflector. The goal here is to have your mobile device mirrored on your computer so that you can record its screen.

Step 2: Record

From the Tella recorder select the screen which has your mobile device mirrored. Switch on your camera if you want to include it in the final demo. Then press “Start recording” to record your first clip.

Step 3: Customise

Once you’ve recorded your clips you can customise and edit them. Trim clips so that they start and end where you want. Choose custom backgrounds and layouts that work best with the mobile screen size.


How do you make a good mobile app demo?

Good mobile app demos are short and informative. They should demonstrate how the app or its features work. A screen recording lets you show how the app works from a user’s perspective. Including a recording of your camera will make your demo more memorable.

How do you structure a mobile app demo?

Structure your mobile app demo as if you were writing a short essay. Begin with an introduction, explaining what’s going to be covered. Then demo the necessary parts of the app. Finish the video with a short summary of what you demonstrated.

How long should my mobile app demo be?

Keep your mobile app demos short. People expect mobile apps to be simple and so your demo videos should reflect that. Try to keep them under 2 minutes long.

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