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Internal Announcement Videos

Make concise and clear internal announcements using Tella’s screen recorder.

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What is an internal announcement video?

An internal announcement video is a presentation you send to all employees and stakeholders in your business to keep them informed on how the business is going. It’s a time to share company-wide updates where you recount successes, challenges, opportunities, and how you’re thinking about the future.

How to make an internal announcement video:

Step 1: Record

Sign up or log in to the Tella recorder. From the recorder, share your screen and your webcam. You can add speaker notes to and pause the recording at any time and start another clip.

Step 2: Customise

Once you have all of the clips for your internal announcement recorded, use Tella’s intuitive editor to customise them. Trim clips, rearrange recordings, add subtitles, choose or upload a custom background, and apply different layouts for the position of your camera and screen.

Step 3: Share or Download

When your internal announcement video is complete, press “Finish.” You can rewatch your video and either share it with a link or download it as an MP4 file. You can also generate an embed code to put it on your website.


What is an internal announcement video for?

Internal announcement videos are a more engaging way to connect and share updates with your team or company. Rather than sending out an email that may or may not be read or come off as impersonal, use Tella to record yourself and share slides that make your updates clearer and more interesting.

What should I include in an internal announcement video?

Internal announcement videos vary depending on the update you’re sharing. If you’re sharing an update on your business, it should include key metrics that are critical to understanding the state of the business. Perhaps, include financial metrics that show the health of the company now and forecasted. Internal announcement videos should be concise and convey the most important information.

How do you engage an audience in an internal announcement video?

Internal announcement videos can be dry if they’re just a recording of yourself talking to a camera. With Tella’s screen recorder, you can share slides or your entire screen to effectively make an engaging presentation. You can also add subtitles so viewers can watch it on silent if they want. You can also change your background or adjust the layout of your screen and camera from being in a bubble or framed in a box. With Tella’s screen recorder, it’s easy to make professional videos without breaking a sweat.

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