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Feedback Videos

Provide clear and actionable feedback with screen recording videos on Tella.

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What is a feedback video?

Providing feedback with video is much more effective than written feedback. Rather than spending a lot of time writing down your thoughts and crafting and lengthy message, jump into Tella’s screen recorder to record what you see and walk through the feedback you have. Use Tella’s screen recorder to provide feedback on designs, an article, a project, a presentation, or more. Tella makes it easy to leave nothing up for interpretation.

How to provide feedback with a video:

Step 1: Record

Log in or sign up for Tella. It only takes a couple of clicks. When you’re inside, open the screen recorder and pick the screen and webcam you want to record. Press “Start recording.” Stop the recording at any time and start another clip to make sure all your feedback is captured.

Step 2: Customise

Once you have recorded all your feedback, use Tella’s editor to customise your clips. Trim, rearrange, add subtitles, change backgrounds, or apply different layouts. Tella’s editor is easy to intuitive to use. If you need to, you can always go back and rerecord more feedback.

Step 3: Share or Download

When you’re done editing, click “Finish.” You can watch the video, share it with a link, export it as an MP4 file, or embed it on your website.


How do you provide feedback through a video?

If you’re prerecording feedback, it’s best to try and be as clear and concise as possible. The person you’re providing feedback for can’t ask for any clarification, so you need to make sure you’re being specific with what you’re commenting on. It’s easy to do this when you have Tella’s screen recorder because you can point out exactly what you see, so nothing is left up for interpretation.

Is video feedback more effective than in person?

Video feedback is an effective way to provide feedback because there’s no risk of you being interrupted. You can make all your points without being pressured by time. In Tella, the person you’re providing feedback to can leave emojis at different time stamps or follow up with another video.

What should be included in video feedback?

Your feedback should try and balance both positive and things to improve. An effective way to give feedback is to make a positive sandwich. A positive sandwich puts constructive feedback between two positive points. In this way, you balance the news and can leave your recipient on a high note.

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