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What is a design walkthru video?

A design walkthru video is a presentation, usually done by a designer, that outlines how a digital product or service will look before it’s a finished product. Designers will walk viewers through the steps users take to complete certain steps or use a product. Walkthru videos are a great way to get early feedback and validation from others before they ship it to the development team, who will make it a real, functioning product. They can catch mistakes or points of friction early on and update their designs until it’s fixed.

How to make a design walkthru video:

Step 1: Record

From the Tella recorder, choose what the screen and webcam want to capture. You can record just your screen or your webcam as well. When you press “Start recording,” you’ll get a three-second countdown to prepare.  You’ll begin capturing clips for your walkthru. It’s easy to split your recording into several clips in case it’s a long design walk-through, and you want to remove certain sections in the editing process.

Step 2: Customise

Once your recorded clips are all done, you can customise them in the editor window. Tella has features to trim clips, add subtitles for accessibility, select custom backgrounds, and apply different layouts for how your camera and screen are positioned in the recording.

Step 3: Share or Download

When you’re done editing, press “Finish.” Now you can watch the full design walkthru and share it with a link, post it on social media, or download it as an MP4 file to publish to YouTube or other platforms.


How do you make a good design walkthru video?

A well-done design walkthru video is organised like a procedure for a group to review. The group should find it easy to watch the recording and discuss any aspects of the design that may need changing. The main goal of a design walkthru is to find errors and to improve the quality of the product.

What is the purpose of the design walkthru tutorial?

Design walkthru videos are made so that development teams and designers can look at the functionality and layout of a product before it goes to production. It’s the time when teams can share feedback on everything from the look and feel of a product’s design to how customers will use it.

How long should my design walkthru video be?

Design walkthru can be long or short, depending on the topic. For very specific designs that cover simple tasks, 1 - 2 minutes is a good length. For more complex design walkthru, 7-10 minutes may be necessary. They should leave enough time that others can watch the walkthru without forgetting any points of feedback that came up while you were presenting.

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