January 16, 2024

OBS Zoom Effects & Mouse Follow


If you're using OBS and want to add a zoom effect to your streams without dealing with Python, check out Zoom to Mouse. This guide will show you how to install and make the most of it. 

What is it?

The OBS Zoom Effects & Mouse Follow is an OBS lua script made by a developer by the name of BlankSourceCode. It lets you zoom in on a display-capture source, with the focus on the mouse. 

BlankSourceCode got the idea from tryptech's obs-zoom-and-follow and developed it because existing zooming solutions didn't quite fit their needs. 

This script is built for OBS v29.1.3 and works smoothly on Windows, Linux, and Mac. As you can see below, it's getting positive ratings from users across the board.

Overall, it’s proving to be a useful tool in content creation. So, let’s break down how to use it. 

How to install OBS Zoom Effects & Mouse Follow 

One of the pluses of OBS Zoom Effects & Mouse Follow is its straightforward installation process. 

1. Sign In (if needed)

In case you can't see the download option, it might be because you need to sign in to GitHub. Creating a GitHub account is free and quick and ensures you have easy access to the script.

2. Download the Script

Head over to Blank Source Code's page and locate the obs-zoom-to-mouse.lua script.

Clicking on it will open up the code. Don't worry - you won't need to decipher anything here. Simply hit the Download raw file button, and the script will be saved to your main downloads folder.

3. In OBS

Now, it's time to integrate the script into OBS. While the tool works with any source, for the best results, go with display capture sources. It just works better that way. Navigate to Tools -> Scripts in OBS.

Then, press the + button to add a new script, and paste the downloaded script into this location. This not only installs the script but also keeps your files organized.

4. Explore Your Options

With the script successfully installed, open it to explore the customization options it has to offer. From choosing your zoom source to adjusting the zoom factor, you have the flexibility to tailor the tool to your specific needs.

Configuring OBS Zoom Effects & Mouse Follow

Let's get into the various customization options available within the script:

Zoom Source

This lets you choose the source you want to zoom in on, with display capture being the recommended option. 

Force Transform Update

This option comes in handy if you've manually changed the source. It refreshes the internal zoom data to ensure smooth transitions.

Zoom Factor

Set how much you want to zoom in. To make this process smooth, it's a good idea to set up a hotkey. In File -> Settings -> Hotkeys, choose a hotkey that suits your preferences. Play around with different factors to find the level of zoom that you’re looking for. For example, setting it to 5 will zoom in five times as much.

Zoom Speed

Adjust the zoom speed to emphasize points on the screen during zoom. This allows you to control the pace of your zooms and make your presentations more dynamic. You can adjust the speed to match your presentation style. Whether you want a quick zoom for impact or a slower, more deliberate zoom, the choice is up to you. 

Auto Follow Mouse

Turn on this option, and the script will automatically start following the mouse when you zoom in. No extra hotkey hassle – it's all about making things easy. With this feature, you don't need a separate hotkey to track the mouse during zoom. It adds a touch of automation to your streaming setup.

Follow Outside Bounds

This feature is handy if you've got more than one monitor. Even if your cursor goes off-screen, the script keeps following it, so everything stays smooth. If you've got multiple monitors or just like things to flow seamlessly, keep this option on.

Wrapping up

Whether you're into coding, highlighting details, or just want to add a dynamic touch to your streams, this tool's got your back. Simply install OBS Zoom Effects & Mouse Follow, adjust those settings, and get started. 

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