June 5, 2023

3 Content Marketing Tips for Founders by Christina Pashialis


Every founder and indie maker is constantly hearing how critical content marketing is to building an audience for their product. But with so much detailed, confusing and conflicting information out there, where do you start?

We turned to Christina Pashialis, founder of the leading community for content writers and marketers, Content UK, for her three simple but critical top tips. Introducing Tella's new series of Founder Fixes, helping you address your startup's biggest marketing challenges.

Talk to your customers 🗣

"You'll be able to use the language they use to describe their pain points and goals and use this in your content"

Create content about your product 📝

"Founders often obsess about content that Google likes... but if there's nothing on your site that tells your story, then you're missing a really good opportunity"

Hire a freelance content marketer 🤗

"There's quite a few steps involved getting started with content. Hire a freelancer who can do all that up front work for you"

Read the full transcript of the video below:

Hey, I'm Christina Pashialis, founder of Content UK, and I'm going to run through three tips that you can use to get started with Content marketing.

If you're a founder speak to your ideal customer

I don't mean in the form of a questionnaire or email. I mean getting onto a Zoom chat with five to ten ideal customers and really deep diving into their worlds.

Here, you want to explore where they hang online and offline what their day to day role looks like, what their biggest challenges are and really dialing into the biggest pains that your product or service solve so you can really get into the detail of what bugs them and what their aspirations are.

And this will then be able to help you in two ways with your content. A, you'll start seeing patterns amongst your ideal audience amongst your ideal audience for ideas around what you can create educational copy on. And two, you'll be able to use the actual language that they are using to describe their pain points and goals and use this in your content.

Create content about your product or service

So a lot of founders often make the mistake of obsessing about content that Google likes, and that's brilliant if you're getting traffic to your website. But if there's nothing on there that actually tells the story about how your product can help people, then you're missing out on a really good opportunity. So when I say product content, I'm referring to case studies and blog posts about the use case of your product.

So in terms of a blog post, this could be content about a pain point that somebody could be experiencing and then jumping into exactly how your product helps solve for that pain point. So really getting into the details of using screenshots and perhaps videos and explaining in detail how your product could help somebody

When it comes to case studies. This could be in the form of some interviews. So a simple interview with one or two customers and then create a blog post explaining the challenge that they had the solution from your product and the results that the customer had. And this will help give you social proof points and help similar customers understand what it's like like to use your product

Hire a freelance content marketer

So there's quite a few steps involved when it comes to getting started with content. And if you're a founder, you're going to be spinning lots of plates at once So one thing you can do is just hire a freelance content marketer for a few months who can do all that upfront work for you. They can interview your customers, interview you get an understanding of content that could work and put together an editorial calendar of different topics. Let's say three months worth of topics and even go a step above that and create briefs or outlines of what could be included in each of those topics.

And then you then will have all of that upfront strategy. And from there you can then, if you can afford it, hire an in-house content marketer to execute on that strategy, or get some freelance writers who can write those topics using the outlines and editorial calendar that the contractor has done for you. That could be a better use of your time to get an expert content marketing strategy whilst you focus on other things.

And there you have it.

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