Tella for Product Teams

Connect with team members quickly through video updates, share feedback, or walk through project details using Tella’s screen recorder.

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Product teams can create demos, updates, and tutorials

How to use Tella with your Product Team

Product teams use Tella to share demos, communicate internally and provide feedback.


Startups use Tella to share company and team updates asynchronously. Rather than writing out lengthy emails, fast-moving teams jump into Tella, quickly record their messages and send them off to team members without any hassle.

Internal comms

Remote team members connect over video using Tella’s screen recording to share their screen and webcam easily. It’s quicker than other video conferencing tools and is easy to share recordings instantly.

Learning and development

Learning and development programs use Tella to create course content and training videos. Rather than wasting time and money on recording equipment and sets, experts and employees can quickly record content using Tella and upload it to their company’s knowledge base.

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How to start using Tella in your product team

Step 1: Record

Log in or sign up to Tella within a couple of clicks. Pick the screen you want to record and start recording. You can make as many recordings as you want. After you’ve recorded one or several clips, you can go to the editor to make any changes.

Step 2: Customise

Tella’s editor is intuitive. Edit clips or trim out sections that aren’t necessary. Choose or upload custom backgrounds and change the layout of your recording.

Step 3: Share or Download

When you’re done recording, you can download it as a 4K Mp4 or share it with a unique link. If you have any last-minute changes to make, you can always go back to edit or rerecord more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to use on my product team?

Tella is an intuitive screen recorder. Rather than using a video conferencing tool to share your screen and make a recording, Tella takes seconds to get up and running. You can edit your videos, so it only includes what’s essential without needing to be an expert in video editing. When you share your recordings with your team, they can leave reactions and comments at specific time stamps.

How much does Tella cost?

It’s free to get started with Tella. The first 10 recordings you make are on us. For the pro version, it’s $19/month.

Tella makes me feel like a director.

Stan Rymkiewicz


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