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What is a recorded online event?

A recorded online event is a presentation or community gathering where participants collaborate virtually. Online events are commonly recorded so they can be shared afterward with participants. Different sessions at the event are often spliced up into mini videos for promotion purposes. You can record your session for an online event asynchronously using Tella’s screen recorder. The app makes it easy to record your webcam and screen and then edit it, so the final product is exactly as you intended.

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How to start using Tella for online events

Step 1: Record

To record a session asynchronously for an event, login or signup for Tella. Once inside, open the recorder and pick the screen you want to capture. Once you’re ready, press “Start recording.” You can pause the recording at any time and start again with a new clip. When you have all your clips recorded, you can go to the editor.

Step 2: Customize

To edit your recordings, Tella makes it easy to cut, trim, rearrange, duplicate, and delete clips. You can also change your background or the layout so your webcam and screen are positioned in the way that works best for your video.

Step 3: Share or Download

When you’re ready to share your final video at the online event, click “Finish.” You can download it to a 4K MP4 file, share it with a link, or generate an embed code. If you have any last-minute changes, you can always go back to edit it again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are online events?

Online events are virtual meetups where people with similar interests or professions come together to network, learn, and collaborate. Online events can be large and small but are always held in virtual spaces. Online events are usually split into multiple sessions and give participants a schedule so they can choose which sessions they attend.

What is the value of virtual events?

Virtual events are easier to host, and they allow more participants to join. Rather than having to pay for event space, food, and equipment, online events can be hosted for a fraction of the cost and allow for a lot of creative sessions. Session hosts don’t have to speak to a room of people in chairs, they can engage with their audience through polls and anonymous Q&As.

How can you increase engagement during an online event?

To increase engagement during an online event, encourage the audience to connect with one another and the hosts more frequently. Many successful online events allow the audience to ask questions during the presentation, giving the host an opportunity to answer them in real time. Additionally, many online events offer networking rooms where the audience can reach out to each other, just like in a real-world event.

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