Use your iPhone as a webcam

Use your iPhone as a webcam

Let me show you how Continuity Camera looks and works using my iPhone.

So right now, I'm using my Sony Mirrorless Camera. It's connected via CamLink, and it has this giant external lens on it.

It's a really great setup. I love it. But it costs bucks, and that's not cheap.

Next is the picture quality from my two-year-old in one mac.

It's not the worst in the world, but it's really not great.

And this is Continuity Camera using my iPhone on my desk, wirelessly connected to my computer.

It has a bunch of neat little features which we are gonna tackle in a second. And most importantly, the quality is awesome.

Alright, so to set this up, head to Tella or whatever video app you're using, go down to your camera option, and then just head up and click the name of your phone.

That will ring a little sound on your phone and then it will connect. Once you're connected, you can go to this little icon up here.

Then go to your Video Effects and you can turn on things like Center Stage, which follows you around and makes the shot bigger.

Then you can also turn on Portrait Mode, which means that you can blur your background.

Continuity Camera is great. You should try it out. You just need to have iOS 16 and the new Mac OS Ventura, and then the whole thing will connect.

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