Tellavision — May 2024

Tellavision — May 2024

Hey everyone, welcome back to another episode of Tellavision, a monthly video newsletter. This is a huge one. We've got a bunch of cool updates that I will quickly walk you through.

But first, we're introducing Tella Premium.

Tella Premium

A new product here that features custom branding, custom domains, analytics, and a bunch more cool stuff. We're releasing the early bird version today, which you can already purchase.

The early bird version already has access to custom branding. Later in the month, we'll also be shipping custom domains so you'll be able to get that soon. Over the following months, we'll add the rest of the stuff like analytics, 60 FPS export, and advanced sharing.

You can already get access while the early bird discount is on, which is only going to be on for 24 hours for almost 50% off, $25 billed annually. Big savings on what the list price will be once we've gotten through a few more of these features and we're ready for a wider launch. So go and check that out.

Now let's jump straight into Custom Branding so I can show you how that works because it's pretty cool.

Custom Branding
Custom Branding

On the left, you've got the options that you can edit and on the right, you get a preview of how your branded pages are going to look.

You can add branding to the share page and to the embedded video player. When you change the branding settings, it doesn't change the actual app itself. When you're recording or editing or things like that, it's about changing the public-facing parts of the product so that people can see your brand when they watch your videos.

You can change the logo, you can change the favicon, which is this little icon that will show in the tab of the browser. You can pick a brand color, and use dark mode if your brand looks better in the dark. You can customize the colors of the play button and you can add a default call to action button.

This is really cool because it means that every video you make will have a default call to action which could be driving visitors to use your Calendly link to book some time with you or sending them back to your website, whatever you want.

Every single video can have that and you can customize its appearance here as well.

Important to note that you can also override this so you can set the default, but then when you make a video and you think actually it'd be better if it pointed to this place or didn't have a call to action, you can change that on a video by video basis.

So that's branding settings.

Custom domain is coming really soon. We're going to be working on this next week or in a couple of weeks so we should get it shipped before the end of May, maybe early June. But we're going to get this out as fast as we can and you'll be able to start using that.

You have to customize the domain on which all of your share pages and embedded videos are hosted on so that it really looks and feels like you're putting your videos out from your brand, that these videos are a native part of your brand.

That's the idea with Tella Premium. So go and check out the early bird discount if you already want to get access to branding. Only available for 24 hours and then the price will go up until we sort of get further through the list of features and then it will be at its regular list price.

Transcript Editing

Now, Tella Premium is the big one, but we've got some other pretty big ones in this month's Tellavision. The first is Transcript Editing.

You can edit your video's transcript and that will edit the actual video.

So the way this works, open up Trim.


You can check out all the magic trim options, but you can now click on the transcript option.


That'll give you the full transcript of your video. And then you can just click on words and then push the delete key and that will cut it from the timeline. It's kind of magic.

You can also double-click and that will give you Keep Only This and Delete From Video options. You can also click and drag and highlight as much as you need to and then you can delete whole sentences and paragraphs.

The Keep Only This feature means that you can select a bunch of stuff and then it will delete everything else. So you literally use it, which can be great if you really just want to pull out a specific highlight from a clip that you've recorded.

New Trimming and Cutting Features

Now, on the topic of trimming and cutting, we've also added two new cool ways to automatically edit your videos.


The first is Silence removal.

So you can pick a particular style whether you want to cut sort of shorter silences or longer silences. You can see how much time you'll save if you cut that. You'll probably want to play that back and see if that sounds the way you want it to sound.

This will save you a bunch of time having to manually cut out silences.

The other really cool one, which I think maybe we are the first in the world ever to do. I don't know, but it feels like it is this thing called Buffer removal.


And what this is is that every time you record a video in Tella, normally there's this sort of second or so or maybe more of silence at the start of the video as you're just gearing up to start recording and then there's the same thing at the end when you finished recording.

Usually, that's kind of like the minimum of what you want to edit in your video, and doing that manually takes a lot of time. Now you can just hit remove buffers and that will automatically cut the silent part at the start, at the end, and you're done.

Sometimes that's all you need to do to edit a video to get it ready to send off and we've just made this a lot easier. So I think you're going to have a lot of fun with that.

Continuing the theme of editing and the timeline and everything, you may have noticed that the timeline looks pretty different and that's because we've almost completely rebuilt it.

We've added a new waveform which is a bit more high-definition and gives you a little bit more accuracy around where the sound is, where the words are, in your video.


We also added Zooming. So now you can just click this and zoom all the way into the millisecond and now you can get super precise with your splits and trims and all of that good stuff.

The cool thing is that it doesn't just apply to the trim mode. You can switch to the zoom mode and it will remember exactly where you are and the zoom level. And then you can add really, really precise zooms as well.

The same thing for Layouts. So you can now make really nice, accurate zoom effects and layout transitions. It's just a lot of fun and just gives you so much more control over your videos, which is awesome.

And the last thing I'll leave you with today is the Default Playback Speed.

Playback speed

So if you open up the view settings, you can click on the drop-down and pick a new speed for your video to rattle off at as soon as your viewer opens it up. And that'll save a few seconds or a few minutes out of the day, which can be nice.

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