Tellavision — April 2024

Tellavision — April 2024

Welcome to another edition of Tellavision, our monthly product video newsletter. In this edition, I'm going to attempt to tell you about our five new features that we shipped last week in five minutes. So let's just jump into it.

Feature 1

Feature number one is a special feature for all web app web recorder users, and that's you can now blur the background of your webcam.

Blur camera

So just head down and hit blur camera, and that'll give you this nice, heavy blur that hides whatever's going on in your background behind you.

Just keep in mind this uses a lot more resources from your computer. So if you have an older computer or a not-very-powerful computer, maybe just test it out, and see how it feels.

See how your computer feels before you go and record your next big video with Tella, this is only available in the web recorder. We won't be adding this to the Chrome extension for at least another couple of months.

This isn't something that we've added to the Mac app at the moment, but you can use the macOS blur tool, which works really well as well.

Feature 2

Feature number two is re-recording with the Mac app.

Now the way that this works is you record a video and then afterwards you watch the video inside of the Tella editor and then you play it back and you're like you made a mistake or I could do this better.

If you wanted to fix this, you would have to make a completely new video and then you have to delete this video and get rid of it. And it's just kind of a big hassle.

Now you can just head down and hit Redo and you'll get prompted to choose how you want to re-record.


You can use the web app, which is the default, but you can now also use the Mac OS app.


When you push this button, it will automatically pop open your Mac app and you can start recording and it will update this clip in this video seamlessly.

Now I can't easily show this to you, but if you check the newsletter, you can see another much better example of how this works.

If you don't have the Mac app installed, then you can click on it and you will get this option to install the Mac app.

Install MacOs

And if it doesn't work, you can also reach out to us and we'll try and help out.

Feature 3

Feature number three is reframing your camera.

Sometimes you can be offset center in your video, or you can be sat off-center. And in certain layouts that you use, in Tella, it gets really exaggerated and it can look really annoying.

If you see that, you can now fix this just by clicking on the layouts option and then going to adjust camera framing.

Adjust camera framing

And you can see, I am perfectly sat in the middle here. and this is a great example.


But a bad example would be is if you were sat like this.

Bad Example

You could then correct this and tweak it so that you get yourself where you want.

Feature 4

Feature number four is automatically removing filler words.

Filler Words

You can just hit the trim tool and you'll see we've got this new sidebar which has some new features that we call magic trim which automatically fix and make your video better.

The one that I'm going to be talking about today is filler word removal.

Here you can see that I've got one filler word and if I remove it, that'll save me 0.6 seconds from this video. So filler words will automatically remove filler words like "Uhms" and "Ah's" and things similar to that.

Silence removal is ready for you to use but it's still a work in progress.


So we're going to be talking about this and announcing this and launching it later. So go and check it out. But technically you didn't hear that from me.

Feature 5

Feature number five is a fun little one called custom thumbnail uploading.

Terrible name, but you just click on view settings and you can replace the thumbnail for your video.

Viewer Preferences

This is great if you embed your videos on websites or documentation and you want something a bit more eye-catching or something that fits with the web page a lot better, or maybe you just want a different preview for people to see when you send the link to the video.

You can just hit upload and then you can pick whatever the default was with a new masterpiece of yours like this one.

New Thumbnail

Just remember, it needs to be a PNG, JPEG, or WeBP and it needs to be at least 1920p by 1080p, which is the 16:9 aspect ratio. And that is the minimum dimensions that, we need.

If you get sick of the thumbnail or want to change it or return it, you can upload to replace it or just hit reset and that will take it back to the original.

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