Share & download a video

Share & download a video

When you're done with your edits, simply navigate to the bottom right and click on Finish"

Doing so will redirect you to the video's view page where both you and your audience can watch your creation.

To begin watching, just hit the Play button.

You also have handy options available - such as adjusting playback speed, toggling subtitles, muting, and even full-screen view.

Editing Subtitles

For subtitles, there is a cool feature with the ability to edit them directly from the video's view page.

On the right, there is an option to modify the subtitles.

To change any part of the transcript, simply click on the desired section, make your edit, and hit Enter.

Your subtitles will update instantly.

If you want to further manage your subtitles, click on Settings.

Here, you can either download the subtitles file or copy them to your clipboard. This can be particularly useful if you're looking to integrate these subtitles elsewhere, say on a website.

Sharing your video

Sharing your video is a breeze.

Locate the link icon, give it a click, and your video's URL is copied to your clipboard.

Share this link anywhere, and anyone with access to the link can view your video.

For those wanting more intricate sharing options, hit the Share button.

Here, you can utilize unique email-sharing options, like generating a GIF to embed in your email.

Although GIF generation takes a moment, once ready, you can easily copy it to your clipboard and insert it into your preferred email client.

If embedding the video on a website is what you're aiming for, you can even customize the embed code to suit platforms like Framer or Webflow.

Downloading your video

Finally, for those who wish to download the video, simply click on Download.

You will be presented with various options like choosing 4K resolution, downloading individual clips, or even embedding subtitles directly into the video file.

After selecting your preferences, click Start Export, and the download will start.

For longer videos, we'll send a notification to your email once it's ready for download.

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