Eliminate background noises on Mac OS

Eliminate background noises on Mac OS

Apple has a feature called Mic Modes which lets you eliminate background noise.

To use this feature, you can open the Tella Mac app, chrome extension, or the web recorder (like in this example).

Head over to the menu bar and you'll see this icon (It will be either a purple share icon or a green camera icon)

Click on that and it will show you software that is using your device, cameras, and microphone.

Head down to the bottom and you can see Mic Mode which is set to standard by default.

Once clicked, it will give you the option to switch to Voice Isolation.

If you switch to Voice Isolation, it will eliminate the background noise and just focus on your voice when you're recording videos.

Keep in mind that you'll need a Mac from 2018 or later and have to run macOS 12 or later.

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