Edit with AI

Edit with AI

With Tella, you can use AI to make better videos faster so I'm going to show you four AI-powered features that will improve the way you edit videos and the videos themselves. Let's start with silence removal.

Silence Removal

Once you've recorded your video, click on the trim tool and that'll open up the magic trim sidebar, which has all of our AI-powered editing features.

Trim Sidebar

To remove silences, head down here and click Remove silences.


This will display the number of silences that Tella has found in your video. You can choose the style you want Tella to cut silences, so if you pick natural, it will remove only longer silences. If you pick faster, it will remove very short silences.

You can see the amount of time that you'll save change if you switch between those options. So when you're happy with your choice, hit remove, and then on the timeline, you can see the cuts that Tella has made to remove your silences.


To manually adjust the automatic edits, all you need to do is hover over the remaining segment and then click and drag on the handle to find the new spot.

Buffer Removal

This next one is a fun one. We call it Buffer Removal. These are the silent parts at the start and the end of the video where you are getting ready to start talking at the beginning of the recording or looking for the stop button to end the recording.

Normally when you are just making a quick video to send to someone, these are the only edits that you need to make. Just open up the trim tool again, head to the Buffer section under magic trim, and click Remove Buffers.

Remove Buffer

You'll see how much time you can save just by pushing the button.

Filler Removal

We're all guilty of "umming" and "ahhing" some more than others. But no matter how heavy you are on your filler words, you can cut them from your videos with Tella with just a couple of clicks.

Open up the trim tool again, head down to the Filler Words option, and you'll see how many filler words are in your video, how much time you'll save by cutting them.

Filler Words

And you can just hit remove and then check along the timeline and you can see the cuts that Tella has made to remove "um's", "ah's" and other filler words.

If you want to get a better look at exactly what Tella has cut, just head to the transcript option and click edit.

Transcript Editing

The fourth and final AI editing feature in Tella is Transcript Editing.


You can edit your video using the transcript instead of using the timeline. So not only can you see the filler words that you've just cut, but you can also click on a word, push the delete key, and that will cut it from the video, and you can see the corresponding edit on the timeline.

Transcript Words

You can also highlight to select phrases, sentences, or whole paragraphs. And then you can use the menu to delete all of that in the same manner.

There's another neat feature that you can use when you're editing your transcript, and that is the Keep Only This feature. So select what you want and then instead of deleting this, you can delete everything else by pushing keep only this.

You can see that we're left with this phrase here.

Keep Only This

And then everything else has been cut from the timeline.

No matter which AI editing feature you're using, you can always push the reset trims to restore your video back to its original state if you want to start again or try a different approach.

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