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Online seminars for learning about Substack.

What is a webinar in Substack?

A webinar in Substack is a virtual interactive event hosted by Substack creators, where they can share their knowledge, discuss various topics, or teach something new to their subscribers. It is an online seminar or presentation that is conducted over the internet, allowing participants to join from anywhere in the world. The webinar can be live, where real-time interaction is possible, or it can be pre-recorded and shared with the audience at a later time.

Substack's webinar feature allows creators to engage with their audience in a more personal and interactive way. It can be used for various purposes such as product demonstrations, educational lectures, workshops, panel discussions, or Q&A sessions. The audience can participate by asking questions, sharing their thoughts, or even presenting their own content, depending on the format of the webinar. This feature enhances the overall user experience, making Substack a more versatile platform for content creators and their audience.

How to host webinars on Substack?

Substack does not directly support hosting webinars on its platform. Substack is primarily a platform for writers to publish newsletters and monetize their content. It allows writers to send digital newsletters directly to their subscribers' inboxes. However, it does not have built-in features for hosting webinars or live events.

If you want to host a webinar for your Substack subscribers, you would need to use a separate platform that supports webinars, such as Zoom, Google Meet, or WebEx. You can then share the link to the webinar with your Substack subscribers in a newsletter. Alternatively, you could record the webinar and then share the recording with your subscribers. Remember to ensure that your webinar content aligns with the interests of your subscribers to maintain their engagement.

Are webinars available on Substack?

Substack is primarily a platform for writers to publish newsletters and monetize their content. It is designed to allow writers to connect directly with their audience and earn money from subscriptions. While it is a powerful tool for written content, it does not inherently support webinars or live video content.

However, writers can potentially share links to webinars or other video content within their newsletters. This means that while you can't host a webinar directly on Substack, you can use it as a medium to share your webinar hosted on another platform. It's also worth noting that Substack does support audio content, so podcast-style content can be shared directly on the platform.

What is the cost of hosting webinars on Substack?

As of the time of writing, Substack does not directly provide a service for hosting webinars. Substack is primarily a platform for writers to publish newsletters and monetize their content through subscriptions. Users can write posts, send newsletters, and build a subscriber base. The platform allows for free and paid subscriptions, with Substack taking a 10% fee from the paid ones.

However, you can integrate other services with Substack to host webinars. The cost of these services would vary depending on the provider you choose. For example, you could use Zoom, Google Meet, or other similar platforms to host your webinars and then share the link with your Substack subscribers. The cost would then depend on the pricing of the chosen webinar platform.

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