Substack terms

Vulnerability Policy

Guidelines for reporting security vulnerabilities.

What is the vulnerability policy in Substack?

Substack does not publicly provide a specific vulnerability policy. However, as a platform that values the security of its users' data, it is expected that they have internal policies and procedures to handle any potential vulnerabilities. These may include regular system audits, penetration testing, and other security measures to identify and address potential weaknesses in their system.

In case of any discovered vulnerabilities, it is likely that Substack would take immediate action to rectify the issue to protect their users' data. They would also likely communicate any significant security issues to their users, as transparency is a key aspect of their platform. However, without a publicly available vulnerability policy, these are assumptions based on standard industry practices.

How does Substack's Vulnerability Policy protect users?

Substack's Vulnerability Policy is designed to protect users by identifying and addressing potential security threats. This policy encourages ethical hackers and security researchers to find and report any vulnerabilities they discover in Substack's system. By doing so, it allows Substack to fix these issues before they can be exploited by malicious actors, thereby safeguarding users' data and privacy.

The policy also outlines the rules and guidelines for reporting vulnerabilities, ensuring that the process is conducted in a responsible and ethical manner. It includes a commitment from Substack not to pursue legal action against those who discover and report vulnerabilities in good faith. This encourages more individuals to participate in maintaining the platform's security, ultimately leading to a safer environment for all Substack users.

What is included in Substack's Vulnerability Policy?

Substack's Vulnerability Policy includes guidelines and procedures for identifying, reporting, and addressing potential security vulnerabilities in Substack's systems. It encourages users, security researchers, and the general public to report any suspected vulnerabilities or security issues they may discover. The policy outlines how to report these issues, what information to include in the report, and what to expect after a report is submitted.

The policy also includes a commitment from Substack to work with individuals who report vulnerabilities to understand and resolve these issues as quickly as possible. It provides assurance that Substack will not take legal action against those who discover and report vulnerabilities in good faith. Additionally, it may offer rewards for the discovery of significant security vulnerabilities, although this is at Substack's discretion.

How can I report a vulnerability to Substack under their Vulnerability Policy?

Substack encourages users to report any potential vulnerabilities they discover in their system. To report a vulnerability to Substack under their Vulnerability Policy, you should send an email to In your email, provide a detailed description of the vulnerability, including the steps to reproduce it, the potential impact, and any possible mitigation or solution you can suggest.

It's important to follow responsible disclosure practices when reporting a vulnerability. This means you should not disclose the vulnerability to the public or any third parties until Substack has had a chance to address it. Substack's security team will review your report and respond as soon as possible. They may ask for additional information or clarification, so be prepared to provide further details if necessary.

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