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VR Video

Editing mode for virtual reality footage.

What is a VR video in Adobe Premiere Pro?

A VR video in Adobe Premiere Pro refers to a virtual reality video that is edited or created using Adobe's professional video editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro. This software allows users to create and edit immersive VR videos, providing a 360-degree view that gives viewers a sense of being physically present in the video.

Adobe Premiere Pro supports VR video editing, which means you can import and edit content from any standard VR video format. It also includes a variety of tools and features specifically designed for VR video editing, such as "auto-aware VR," which automatically detects and applies the correct settings for your VR videos. Additionally, it offers VR video effects and transitions, VR video-specific graphics and titles, and the ability to preview your VR video in a VR headset.

How to edit VR video in Adobe Premiere Pro?

Editing VR video in Adobe Premiere Pro involves a few steps. First, you need to import your VR footage into the software. Go to "File" then "Import" and select your VR video. Once imported, you can start editing your VR video just like any other video. However, to view and edit the video in VR, you need to enable VR video display. Go to the "Button Editor", then drag the "Toggle VR Video Display" button to the toolbar.

Once you've enabled VR video display, you can view your video in a "panoramic" view, which allows you to see the video as it would appear in a VR headset. You can then use the "Offset" effect to adjust the starting view of your VR video. To add the "Offset" effect, go to "Effects", then type "Offset" in the search bar and drag it to your video. In the "Effect Controls" panel, you can adjust the "Shift Center To" settings to change the starting view of your VR video. After editing, you can export your VR video by going to "File", then "Export", then "Media". In the export settings, make sure to check the "Video is VR" box.

How to export VR video in Adobe Premiere Pro?

To export VR video in Adobe Premiere Pro, you first need to ensure that your sequence settings are correctly set. Go to "File" then "Sequence Settings" and under the "VR Properties", select the layout that matches your footage (Monoscopic, Stereoscopic - Left/Right, or Stereoscopic - Over/Under). Also, ensure that the "Horizontal Captured View" and "Vertical Captured View" are set correctly.

Once your sequence settings are correct, you can export your VR video. Go to "File", then "Export", and then "Media". In the export settings, select the format you want to export in (H.264 is a common choice). Under the "Video" tab, scroll down to "VR Video" and check the "Video is VR" box. Make sure the layout matches your sequence settings. Finally, click "Export" to finish the process.

Can Adobe Premiere Pro handle VR video editing?

Yes, Adobe Premiere Pro can handle VR video editing. It is equipped with a suite of tools specifically designed for editing and producing VR content. Users can import their 360-degree footage and start editing with a variety of specialized tools such as "auto-aware VR," which automatically detects and applies the correct settings for the type of VR content you're working with.

In addition, Adobe Premiere Pro also offers a VR video display feature that allows users to view their footage in a headset, providing a real-time preview of how the final product will look. This makes it easier for editors to make precise adjustments and create immersive VR experiences. Therefore, Adobe Premiere Pro is not only capable of handling VR video editing, but it also provides a comprehensive set of tools to facilitate the process.

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