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Adjusting position, rotation, and scale of a clip.

What is ScreenFlow?

ScreenFlow is a professional video editing and screen recording software developed by Telestream for macOS. It is widely used for creating high-quality software or app demos, tutorials, game videos, training videos, and more. The software captures video from the computer screen and then allows the user to edit the recording, adding highlights, annotations, captions, and other enhancements.

ScreenFlow also supports recording from the computer's webcam and microphone, enabling users to create more personalized and interactive videos. It offers a user-friendly interface with a variety of editing tools and features, such as transitions, text animations, video animations, freehand callouts, and more. The finished videos can be exported to various formats or directly uploaded to video sharing platforms like YouTube or Vimeo.

How to transform objects in ScreenFlow?

ScreenFlow allows users to transform objects in a variety of ways. To start, select the object you want to transform. Once selected, you can use the video properties panel to adjust the scale, position, and rotation of the object. You can also use the handles on the object's bounding box in the canvas to manually adjust its size and orientation.

To animate the transformation over time, you can use ScreenFlow's action feature. Simply add an action to the object, then adjust the object's properties at the end of the action. ScreenFlow will automatically animate the transformation between the start and end of the action. This can be used to create a variety of effects, such as objects moving across the screen, growing or shrinking, rotating, and more.

How to use the transform tool in ScreenFlow?

The transform tool in ScreenFlow is used to modify the size, position, and rotation of a selected clip or media element. To use it, first, select the clip or media element you want to transform in the timeline or canvas. Once selected, the properties tab will open on the right side of the screen. Click on the "Video" tab if it's not already selected.

In the video properties tab, you'll find the transform options. Here, you can adjust the scale to resize the clip, change the X and Y position to move it around, or adjust the rotation to rotate the clip. You can either drag the sliders or enter a specific value in the corresponding box. Additionally, you can use the handles that appear around the selected clip in the canvas to manually resize or reposition it. Remember to click "Apply" to save your changes.

How to adjust the transform value in ScreenFlow?

ScreenFlow allows you to adjust the transform value of a video clip or an image to change its position, scale, and rotation. To do this, first, select the clip or image in your timeline that you want to adjust. Then, go to the video properties tab on the right side of the screen. Here, you will find the transform controls.

Under the transform controls, you will see three options: position, scale, and rotation. The position control allows you to move the clip or image along the X (horizontal) and Y (vertical) axes. The scale control lets you adjust the size of the clip or image. You can either maintain the aspect ratio by linking the width and height or adjust them separately. The rotation control allows you to rotate the clip or image. Simply click on the value next to each option and type in the desired value or use the slider to make the adjustments.

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