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Tip Jar

A feature that allows subscribers to give you monetary tips.

What is the tip jar in ConvertKit?

The Tip Jar in ConvertKit is a feature that allows creators to receive tips or additional payments from their subscribers. This feature is designed to help creators earn more from their work by giving their audience an easy way to show their appreciation monetarily. It's essentially a digital version of a real-life tip jar where people can leave a little extra to support the creator's work.

To use the Tip Jar, creators simply need to enable it in their ConvertKit account. Once enabled, a "Leave a Tip" option will appear on the creator's payment form. Subscribers can then choose to leave a tip from a set of predetermined amounts or enter a custom amount. The tips go directly to the creator, providing them with an additional source of income.

How to set up a Tip Jar in ConvertKit?

Setting up a Tip Jar in ConvertKit involves a few steps. First, you need to create a new product in ConvertKit. To do this, go to the "Products" tab in your ConvertKit account and click on "Create a Product". Fill in the necessary details such as the product name, price, and description. You can name the product "Tip Jar" or something similar. Set the price as you wish, you can even allow customers to choose their own price.

Once you've created the product, you'll be provided with a link to your Tip Jar. You can share this link on your website, social media platforms, or directly with your audience. When someone clicks on the link, they'll be taken to a checkout page where they can choose how much they want to tip you. The money will be transferred to your account once the transaction is completed. Remember, ConvertKit charges a transaction fee for this service.

How does the Tip Jar feature work in ConvertKit?

The Tip Jar feature in ConvertKit is a simple and effective way for creators to receive payments or tips from their audience. It works by allowing creators to add a "Tip Jar" link to their landing pages or emails, which directs their audience to a payment page. This feature is integrated with Stripe, a secure online payment system, to process these transactions.

To use the Tip Jar feature, creators first need to set up a Stripe account and connect it to their ConvertKit account. Once this is done, they can customize their Tip Jar by setting a suggested tip amount and adding a personal message. When a member of their audience clicks on the Tip Jar link, they are taken to a secure payment page where they can choose how much they want to tip. The funds are then transferred directly to the creator's Stripe account.

Can I customize the Tip Jar in ConvertKit?

Yes, you can customize the Tip Jar in ConvertKit. ConvertKit allows you to personalize the Tip Jar to suit your brand or business needs. You can change the color, text, and even the amount options to better fit your audience and your brand. This feature is designed to give you the flexibility to make your Tip Jar as unique as your business.

To customize your Tip Jar, you need to go to the settings of your Tip Jar in your ConvertKit account. From there, you can make all the necessary changes. Remember to save your changes before exiting the settings page. This way, your Tip Jar will reflect your brand and can help you to increase your earnings.

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