Email Marketing terms

Timezone Scheduling

Send emails based on the recipient's local time.

What is timezone scheduling in email marketing?

Timezone scheduling in email marketing is a feature that allows marketers to schedule the delivery of emails based on the timezone of each recipient. This is particularly useful when dealing with a global audience distributed across different time zones. Instead of sending an email blast at the same moment worldwide, resulting in some recipients receiving emails at inconvenient times (like the middle of the night), timezone scheduling automates the process so that each recipient receives the email at a more reasonable local hour, such as in the morning or early afternoon.

Why is timezone scheduling important in email marketing?

Timezone scheduling is important in email marketing because it ensures that emails are sent when recipients are most likely to see and engage with them. This improves open rates and engagement, making campaigns more effective. By considering recipients' local times, marketers can avoid sending emails at inconvenient hours, thereby enhancing the customer experience and avoiding potential annoyance. For businesses with a global audience, it ensures all customers, no matter where they are, receive emails at reasonable times. This thoughtful approach to timing also leads to more accurate analytics, helping refine future email strategies.

Can I change the timezone settings after scheduling an email?

Yes, you can change the timezone settings after scheduling an email in most email marketing platforms, but you need to do this before the email is actually sent. To make the change, you simply go into the scheduled campaign section of your email marketing tool, find the specific email you've scheduled, and edit the settings. This will allow you to adjust the scheduled send time and corresponding timezone. Just remember to make these changes well before the email is set to go out, as once it starts the sending process, you typically can't make further adjustments.

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