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Small images representing clips, images, or other items.

What is a thumbnail in ScreenFlow?

A thumbnail in ScreenFlow refers to a small image that represents a larger video or a specific part of a video. It serves as a preview image, giving viewers a quick overview of the video content. Thumbnails are crucial in ScreenFlow, a video editing and screen recording software, as they help users navigate through the video timeline more efficiently.

In ScreenFlow, thumbnails are displayed along the timeline, showing key frames from the video. They allow users to quickly identify and jump to specific parts of the video without having to watch the entire content. Thumbnails can also be customized in ScreenFlow, allowing users to choose which frames to display as thumbnails, enhancing the video's visual representation on the timeline.

How to add thumbnails in ScreenFlow?

Adding thumbnails in ScreenFlow can be done through a few simple steps. First, you need to open your project in ScreenFlow and navigate to the frame you want to use as a thumbnail. Once you've found the perfect frame, pause the video and click on the "File" menu at the top of the screen. From there, select "Export Frame" and save the frame as an image file on your computer.

After saving the frame, you can use it as a thumbnail. If you're uploading your video to a platform like YouTube, you can add the thumbnail in the video details section before publishing. Click on the "Upload Thumbnail" option and select the image file you saved earlier. If you're using the thumbnail in ScreenFlow, you can import the image file into your media library and add it to your timeline where needed.

How to change thumbnail size in ScreenFlow?

To change the thumbnail size in ScreenFlow, you need to adjust the clip's scale in the video properties panel. First, select the clip you want to resize in the timeline. Then, go to the video properties panel, which is usually located on the right side of the ScreenFlow interface.

In the video properties panel, you will see a "Scale" option. This option allows you to adjust the size of your clip. You can either manually input a percentage to scale your clip, or you can use the slider to adjust the scale. Please note that increasing the scale will enlarge your clip, while decreasing it will make it smaller. After adjusting the scale, you can reposition your clip on the canvas to fit your desired layout.

How to customize thumbnails in ScreenFlow?

ScreenFlow allows users to customize thumbnails for their videos. To do this, first, open your project in ScreenFlow and navigate to the frame you want to use as your thumbnail. Once you've found the perfect frame, click on the "File" menu at the top of the screen, then select "Export". In the export settings, you'll see an option for "Poster Frame". Click on the "Set" button next to it. This will set the current frame as your video's thumbnail.

After setting the poster frame, you can further customize it by adding text, shapes, or other elements using ScreenFlow's editing tools. To do this, simply select the tool you want to use from the toolbar, then click and drag on the thumbnail to add your element. Once you're satisfied with your thumbnail, click "OK" to save your changes. Remember to export your video for the changes to take effect.

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