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Subtitles and Closed Captions

Tools for adding, editing, and exporting subtitles and closed captions within video projects.

What are subtitles and closed captions in DaVinci Resolve?

Subtitles and closed captions in DaVinci Resolve are features that allow users to add text overlays to their video content. These text overlays can be used to provide a written translation of dialogue in foreign languages, or to transcribe dialogue and important sound effects for the hearing impaired. They are an essential tool for making video content more accessible to a wider audience.

In DaVinci Resolve, users can manually create subtitles and closed captions in the timeline, or import them from other sources. The software supports a variety of file formats for this purpose, including SRT, SCC, and others. Once added, these elements can be edited and customized in terms of font, color, size, and position. The software also provides tools for automatic speech recognition and transcription, which can significantly speed up the process of creating subtitles and closed captions.

How to add subtitles in DaVinci Resolve 0?

DaVinci Resolve does not have a specific tool for adding subtitles, but you can use the "Titles" feature to create them. First, go to the "Effects Library" and select "Titles". Choose the "Text" option and drag it to the timeline where you want the subtitle to appear. You can then type your subtitle in the "Inspector" window and adjust the font, size, color, and position as needed.

To add more subtitles, simply repeat the process. Make sure to place each subtitle on the timeline at the correct time to match the video. If you have a lot of subtitles, it may be easier to create them in a separate program and import them as a .srt file. DaVinci Resolve can read these files and automatically place the subtitles at the correct times.

How to enable closed captions in DaVinci Resolve 0?

DaVinci Resolve 0 does not directly support the enabling of closed captions. This is because it is a very early version of the software and lacks many of the features that later versions have. However, you can work around this limitation by using a third-party tool to create your captions, then importing them into DaVinci Resolve.

First, create your captions using a tool like Subtitle Edit or Aegisub, then save them in a format that DaVinci Resolve can read, such as .srt. Then, in DaVinci Resolve, go to the media pool and import your caption file. Drag and drop the file onto your timeline, and it should appear as a new track. You can then adjust the timing and positioning of your captions as needed. Please note that this is a workaround and may not work perfectly in all situations. Upgrading to a newer version of DaVinci Resolve would provide a more seamless experience.

How to edit subtitles in DaVinci Resolve 0?

DaVinci Resolve is a powerful video editing software, but it does not have a built-in feature for editing subtitles. However, you can use a workaround to edit subtitles in DaVinci Resolve. First, you need to create a subtitle file (such as .srt) using a separate subtitle editing software. Once you have your subtitle file, you can import it into DaVinci Resolve.

To import the subtitle file, go to the "File" menu, select "Import", and then choose "Subtitle". Navigate to your subtitle file and select it. The subtitles will appear on a new track in your timeline. You can then adjust the timing of the subtitles by dragging them along the timeline. If you need to edit the text of the subtitles, you will need to do this in your subtitle editing software and then re-import the file into DaVinci Resolve.

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