Substack terms

Substack Themes

Pre-designed themes for customizing the look of newsletters.

What is a Substack theme?

A Substack theme refers to the design and layout of a Substack newsletter. It includes elements such as the color scheme, typography, and overall aesthetic of the newsletter. Substack provides a few default themes that users can choose from, but they also have the option to customize their own theme to better reflect their personal brand or the content of their newsletter.

The theme is an important aspect of a Substack newsletter because it helps to create a consistent and recognizable look for the publication. It can also influence the readability and overall user experience. Therefore, choosing or designing a theme that aligns with the content and audience of the newsletter is a crucial step in setting up a Substack publication.

How to change Substack theme?

To change your Substack theme, you first need to log into your Substack account. Once you're logged in, navigate to your dashboard by clicking on your profile icon in the top right corner of the screen. From the dropdown menu, select 'Dashboard'.

Once you're on the dashboard, click on 'Settings' in the left-hand menu. Scroll down until you find the 'Design' section. Here, you can change your theme by selecting a new one from the available options. After you've chosen your new theme, make sure to click 'Save changes' at the bottom of the page to apply your new theme.

What are the best themes for Substack?

Substack is a platform that allows writers to send digital newsletters directly to their subscribers. The best themes for Substack largely depend on the writer's expertise, passion, and the interests of their target audience. However, some popular themes include politics, technology, culture, entrepreneurship, and personal development. These themes are broad enough to allow for a wide range of topics, yet specific enough to attract a dedicated audience.

In addition, niche topics can also perform well on Substack, as they cater to a specific, highly-engaged audience. These could include themes like indie gaming, vegan cooking, sustainable living, or mindfulness practices. Ultimately, the best theme is one that the writer is knowledgeable and passionate about, as this will come across in their writing and engage their readers. It's also important to consider what kind of content will provide value to subscribers, whether that's in the form of news, insights, advice, or entertainment.

Can you customize Substack themes?

Yes, you can customize Substack themes to a certain extent. Substack provides a basic level of customization that allows you to change the color scheme, logo, and background image of your newsletter. You can also add a custom domain to your Substack newsletter, which can help to make it feel more personal and unique.

However, it's important to note that Substack does not currently offer full design customization. This means that while you can change certain elements of your newsletter's appearance, you won't be able to completely overhaul the design or layout. The platform's focus is more on the content creation and distribution aspect, rather than extensive design customization.

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