Substack terms

Substack App

The mobile application for Substack.

What is a Substack App?

Substack App is a platform that allows writers and creators to publish paid newsletters directly to their subscribers. It is designed to empower independent writers by providing them with the tools they need to monetize their content and build a direct relationship with their audience. The app offers a simple and user-friendly interface where writers can create, distribute, and monetize their newsletters.

The Substack App is part of the larger Substack platform, which includes a website and other tools for writers. The app allows subscribers to access their favorite newsletters directly from their mobile devices, making it easier for them to stay connected with the content they love. It also provides writers with analytics and other features to help them grow their subscriber base and increase their earnings.

How does the Substack App work?

Substack is a platform that allows writers to send digital newsletters directly to their subscribers. It works by providing a simple interface for writers to publish their work and manage their subscriber list. Writers can choose to make their content available for free or they can charge a subscription fee for access to their content.

When a writer publishes a new post, it is sent out as an email to all of their subscribers. Subscribers can also access the content directly on the Substack website. The platform also provides analytics tools for writers to track their readership and engagement. Substack handles all the technical aspects of email delivery and payment processing, allowing writers to focus on creating content.

Substack also has a discovery feature that helps readers find new writers to subscribe to. This feature is based on the topics that the reader is interested in. The platform also has a commenting system that allows for interaction between the writer and their audience.

Is the Substack App free to use?

Yes, the Substack App is free to use. Substack does not charge users to download or use the app. It allows users to read and discover a wide range of newsletters and articles from various writers for free.

However, some writers on Substack choose to monetize their content by offering paid subscriptions. This means that while the app itself is free, accessing certain content within the app may require a purchase. The cost of these subscriptions varies depending on the writer and the content they offer.

How can I download and install the Substack App?

As of now, Substack does not have a dedicated mobile app available for download. Substack is a platform that is primarily accessed through a web browser. You can use it on your mobile device or computer by going to the Substack website and logging into your account.

However, you can add the Substack website to your home screen on your mobile device for easier access. On iOS, you can do this by opening Safari, navigating to the Substack website, tapping the share button, and then selecting "Add to Home Screen." On Android, open the Chrome browser, go to the Substack website, tap the menu button, and select "Add to Home screen." This will create an icon on your home screen that you can tap to quickly access Substack, similar to an app.

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