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A portion of a clip saved as a separate clip.

What is a subclip in ScreenFlow?

A subclip in ScreenFlow is a segment or portion of a larger video clip that has been isolated for more detailed editing. It is a useful tool for video editors who want to focus on a specific part of a video without affecting the rest of the footage.

Creating a subclip allows you to make changes to that specific section, such as adjusting the audio levels, adding effects, or trimming the duration, without altering the original clip. This feature provides flexibility and precision in the editing process, making it easier to manage and organize your project.

How to create a subclip in ScreenFlow?

Creating a subclip in ScreenFlow is a straightforward process. First, open the video you want to create a subclip from in ScreenFlow. Use the scrubber in the timeline to find the start point of your subclip, then click the 'Mark In' button or press 'I' on your keyboard. Move the scrubber to the end point of your subclip and click the 'Mark Out' button or press 'O'.

Once you've marked the in and out points of your subclip, right-click on the highlighted section and select 'Create Subclip' from the dropdown menu. This will create a new clip in your media library that consists only of the marked section. You can then drag and drop this subclip into your timeline wherever you want it. Remember to save your project regularly to avoid losing any changes.

How to use subclip feature in ScreenFlow?

ScreenFlow's subclip feature allows you to create smaller, manageable sections from a larger video clip. To use this feature, first, open your video in ScreenFlow and navigate to the timeline where your video clips are displayed. Play the video or manually move the playhead to the point where you want your subclip to start.

Once you've found the starting point, mark it by clicking on the 'Mark In' button or by pressing 'I' on your keyboard. Then, find the end point of your subclip and mark it by clicking on the 'Mark Out' button or pressing 'O'. After marking the in and out points, right-click on the selected area and choose 'Create Subclip'. Your subclip will now appear in the media library, ready for you to drag and drop onto the timeline. You can create as many subclips as you need from a single video clip.

Why is my subclip not working in ScreenFlow?

There could be several reasons why your subclip is not working in ScreenFlow. One common issue could be that the software is not updated to the latest version. ScreenFlow frequently releases updates to fix bugs and improve performance, so it's always a good idea to check for updates. Another reason could be that the original video file that you're trying to create a subclip from is corrupted or not supported by ScreenFlow.

Additionally, the problem could be due to incorrect settings or procedures when creating the subclip. Ensure that you're following the correct steps to create a subclip. If you're still having trouble, it might be helpful to consult ScreenFlow's user manual or reach out to their customer support for assistance. Remember to provide them with detailed information about your problem, including any error messages you're receiving, to help them diagnose the issue more effectively.

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