Adobe Premiere Pro terms

Speed & Duration

Adjusts the playback speed and duration of a clip.

What is speed/duration in Adobe Premiere Pro?

Speed/Duration in Adobe Premiere Pro is a feature that allows you to adjust the speed and duration of a specific clip, sequence, or any other video element. This feature is particularly useful when you want to create slow-motion or fast-motion effects, or simply adjust the timing of a clip to fit within a certain timeframe.

You can access this feature by right-clicking on a clip in your timeline and selecting "Speed/Duration". A dialog box will appear where you can adjust the speed (expressed as a percentage of the original speed) and the duration (expressed in time). You can also choose to maintain the audio pitch, reverse the speed, or ripple edit, shift trailing clips. This feature gives you a lot of control over the timing and pacing of your video project.

How to adjust speed/duration in Adobe Premiere Pro?

To adjust the speed/duration in Adobe Premiere Pro, you first need to select the clip you want to modify in the timeline. Once the clip is selected, right-click on it and choose the "Speed/Duration" option from the drop-down menu. This will open a new window where you can adjust the speed and duration of the clip.

You can either manually input the desired speed or duration, or use the sliders to adjust them. If you want to maintain the pitch of the audio while changing the speed, make sure to check the "Maintain Audio Pitch" box. If you want to reverse the clip, check the "Reverse Speed" box. Once you're satisfied with the changes, click "OK" to apply them.

Remember, adjusting the speed will inversely affect the duration of the clip and vice versa. For instance, increasing the speed will decrease the duration of the clip. Always preview your changes to ensure the result is as desired.

Why is the speed/duration option greyed out in Adobe Premiere Pro?

The speed/duration option in Adobe Premiere Pro may be greyed out due to a few reasons. One common reason is that the clip you are trying to change is not selected. Ensure that you have correctly selected the clip on your timeline that you want to adjust. If the clip is not selected, the speed/duration option will not be available.

Another reason could be that the clip is a part of a nested sequence. If you have nested a clip or a sequence, you will not be able to adjust the speed/duration directly. You will need to go into the nested sequence and select the individual clip to adjust its speed/duration. Also, if the clip is linked with audio, you might need to unlink it before changing the speed/duration. Lastly, ensure that your software is up-to-date as outdated versions may have bugs or issues that prevent certain features from functioning properly.

How to change the speed/duration of multiple clips in Adobe Premiere Pro?

To change the speed/duration of multiple clips in Adobe Premiere Pro, you first need to select the clips you want to modify. You can do this by clicking on the first clip, then holding down the Shift key and clicking on the last clip. This will select all the clips in between. Alternatively, you can hold down the Ctrl key (or Command key on Mac) and click on each clip you want to select if they are not in a continuous sequence.

Once you have selected the clips, right-click on one of them and choose "Speed/Duration" from the context menu. A new window will open where you can adjust the speed or duration of the clips. You can either enter a specific duration, or you can adjust the speed percentage to make the clips faster or slower. Make sure the "Ripple Edit, Shifting Trailing Clips" option is checked if you want the rest of your timeline to adjust automatically to the new duration of the clips. Click "OK" to apply the changes. All the selected clips will now have the same speed/duration.

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