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Speech Analysis

Converts spoken words into text metadata.

What is speech analysis in Adobe Premiere Pro?

Speech analysis in Adobe Premiere Pro is a feature that allows users to transcribe and analyze spoken words within their video files. This tool uses Adobe's Media Encoder to convert speech into text, which can then be searched, edited, and displayed as subtitles or closed captions within the video. This feature is particularly useful for video editors who need to create subtitles or find specific sections of dialogue within their footage.

The speech analysis tool can recognize multiple languages and dialects, and it can be trained to improve its accuracy over time. It's a powerful tool for video editors, journalists, and content creators who need to work with large amounts of spoken content. However, it's worth noting that Adobe discontinued the speech analysis feature in Premiere Pro CC 2015 and later versions due to low usage and the high cost of licensing the necessary technology.

How to use Speech Analysis in Adobe Premiere Pro?

Adobe Premiere Pro offers a feature called Speech Analysis that allows you to analyze speech and convert spoken words into text. To use this feature, first, import your audio or video files into the project. Then, select the file you want to analyze in the Project panel. Go to the Metadata panel and click on the 'Analyze' button under the Speech Analysis section.

The software will then analyze the speech in your selected file and convert it into text. This text will appear in the Speech Analysis section of the Metadata panel. You can then search for specific words or phrases within this text, making it easier to locate specific parts of your audio or video file. You can also use the text generated by the Speech Analysis feature to create subtitles or closed captions for your video.

Why is Speech Analysis not working in Adobe Premiere Pro?

There could be several reasons why Speech Analysis is not working in Adobe Premiere Pro. One common issue could be that the feature is no longer supported in newer versions of the software. Adobe discontinued the Speech Analysis functionality in Premiere Pro CC 2015.3 and later versions due to low usage. This means that if you're using a version of Premiere Pro that was released after this, you won't be able to use this feature.

Another possible reason could be technical issues with your specific installation of Adobe Premiere Pro. If you're using an older version of the software where Speech Analysis is still supported, you might be experiencing bugs or glitches that are preventing the feature from working properly. In this case, you could try troubleshooting the issue by reinstalling the software, updating to the latest version, or reaching out to Adobe's customer support for help.

Can you edit audio with Speech Analysis in Adobe Premiere Pro?

Yes, you can edit audio with Speech Analysis in Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe Premiere Pro is a powerful video editing software that also includes features for audio editing. One of these features is Speech Analysis, which uses Adobe's Sensei AI technology to transcribe spoken words into text. This feature can be particularly useful for editing dialogue or narration in a video.

However, it's important to note that the Speech Analysis feature doesn't directly edit the audio. Instead, it provides a text transcript that you can use as a reference while editing. For instance, you can use the transcript to quickly locate specific parts of the audio for editing. You can also use it to create subtitles or closed captions for your video. So, while Speech Analysis can greatly assist in the audio editing process, you'll still need to use Premiere Pro's other audio editing tools to make actual changes to the audio.

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