Circle terms


Defined areas or categories within the community for organizing content and discussions around specific topics.

What are Spaces in Circle

Spaces in Circle are essentially dedicated areas or rooms where specific topics or themes are discussed. They are designed to foster engagement and interaction among community members who share common interests or goals. Each space can be customized with different settings and features to suit the needs of the community, including privacy settings, moderation tools, and more.

Spaces can be public or private, allowing for both open discussions and more exclusive, focused conversations. They can be used for a variety of purposes, such as hosting Q&A sessions, sharing updates, brainstorming ideas, or simply socializing. The goal of Spaces is to create a more organized and efficient way for community members to communicate and collaborate.

How many spaces are available in Circle?

The exact number of spaces available in the Circle is not publicly specified. Circle is a flexible platform that allows users to create their own spaces for their communities. The number of spaces a user can create may depend on the specific plan they are subscribed to. For a precise number, it would be best to directly contact Circle or refer to their pricing details.

How to increase the number of spaces in Circle?

As of now, Circle does not provide a direct option to increase the number of spaces. Spaces in Circle are essentially the different categories or sections you create within your community. The number of spaces you can create depends on the plan you have subscribed to. If you need more spaces, you may need to upgrade your plan or contact Circle support for further assistance.

However, you can manage your existing spaces more effectively to accommodate more topics. You can do this by creating sub-spaces or threads within existing spaces. This way, you can have more discussions under each space. Remember, the goal is to keep your community organized and easy to navigate, so plan your spaces and sub-spaces carefully.

What is the maximum limit of spaces in Circle?

Circle does not explicitly state a maximum limit for the number of spaces that can be created within the platform. The number of spaces you can create largely depends on the plan you are subscribed to. For instance, the basic plan allows you to create a limited number of spaces, while the professional and enterprise plans offer more flexibility with an increased number of spaces. However, it's important to note that even with the higher-tier plans, the platform may still have some undisclosed limitations to ensure optimal performance and usability. It's recommended to reach out to Circle's support team for specific details regarding space limitations.

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