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Moving the playhead back and forth to review a clip or sequence.

What is a scrub in ScreenFlow?

A scrub in ScreenFlow refers to the action of moving through your video or audio timeline to preview the content. This is typically done by clicking and dragging the playhead, which is the vertical line that indicates your current position in the timeline. Scrubbing allows you to quickly find specific points in your project, making it easier to edit and make changes. It's a common feature in many video editing software and is essential for precise editing.

In ScreenFlow, you can also scrub through your footage using the arrow keys on your keyboard. This allows for frame-by-frame precision, which can be particularly useful when making detailed edits. Additionally, holding down the shift key while scrubbing will allow you to move in larger increments, speeding up the process when working with longer videos.

How to use scrub in ScreenFlow?

ScreenFlow is a video editing and screen recording software that allows you to scrub through your video footage. Scrubbing is a term used in video editing which means manually dragging the playhead (the marker on the timeline) back and forth to preview the footage in fast-forward or rewind mode.

To use scrub in ScreenFlow, first, open your project in ScreenFlow and locate the timeline at the bottom of the screen. The timeline is where you'll see your video footage laid out in sequence. Click and hold the red playhead on the timeline, then drag it left or right. As you move the playhead, you'll see a preview of your video in the canvas above. This allows you to quickly find a specific part of your video or check how your edits look.

What does the scrub tool do in ScreenFlow?

The scrub tool in ScreenFlow is a feature that allows users to navigate through their video timeline with ease. By clicking and dragging the scrub tool across the timeline, users can quickly move forward or backward through their video or audio clips. This is particularly useful for pinpointing specific moments in a clip, making precise edits, or simply reviewing the content.

The scrub tool is also beneficial when synchronizing audio and video tracks. It provides a visual representation of the media file, allowing users to match the audio waveforms with the corresponding video frames. Overall, the scrub tool is an essential feature in ScreenFlow for efficient and accurate video editing.

How to adjust the scrub speed in ScreenFlow?

In ScreenFlow, adjusting the scrub speed is not directly possible as there is no specific setting for it. The scrub speed is typically controlled by how quickly you drag the playhead across the timeline. However, you can adjust the timeline scale to indirectly control the scrub speed.

To do this, locate the slider at the top right corner of the timeline. Dragging this slider to the right will expand the timeline, making each second longer in terms of screen space. This will allow you to scrub through your video more slowly and precisely. Conversely, dragging the slider to the left will compress the timeline, allowing you to scrub through your video more quickly.

Remember, the scrub speed is also influenced by the performance of your computer. If your computer is running slow, the scrubbing process may also be slow. Therefore, ensure your computer is running optimally for the best results.

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