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Rolling Edit

An edit that moves the cut point between two clips without affecting the overall length of the sequence.

What is a rolling edit in ScreenFlow?

A rolling edit in ScreenFlow is a type of editing technique that allows you to adjust the point where two clips meet, known as the edit point, without affecting the rest of the timeline. This is done by moving the edit point forward or backward in time, effectively rolling it along the timeline. The duration of the overall project remains the same, as the lengthening of one clip is balanced by the shortening of the other.

This technique is particularly useful when you want to fine-tune the timing of your cuts without disrupting the overall flow of your video. For instance, if you want to extend a particular scene without making the video longer, you can use a rolling edit to shorten the preceding or following clip accordingly. This makes it a valuable tool for precise, professional video editing.

How to do a rolling edit in ScreenFlow?

A rolling edit in ScreenFlow can be done by using the split clip feature and the ripple delete function. First, you need to select the clip you want to edit. Move the scrubber to the point where you want to make the edit and then choose the "Split Clip" option from the "Edit" menu or use the shortcut key "T". This will divide your clip into two separate clips at the point where the scrubber is located.

Next, select the portion of the clip you want to remove. Once you've made your selection, go to the "Edit" menu again and choose "Ripple Delete" or use the shortcut key "Shift + Delete". This will remove the selected portion and automatically close the gap, creating a smooth transition between the remaining parts of the clip. This is known as a rolling edit because it allows you to make changes without disrupting the overall timing of your video.

What is the purpose of a rolling edit in ScreenFlow?

A rolling edit in ScreenFlow is used to adjust the timing of two clips simultaneously. This type of edit is particularly useful when you want to change the point at which one clip ends and the next one begins, without altering the overall duration of the video. By using a rolling edit, you can ensure that the transition between clips is smooth and seamless, enhancing the overall flow and continuity of your video.

In addition, a rolling edit can also be used to fine-tune the pacing of your video. For instance, if a particular scene feels too rushed or too slow, you can use a rolling edit to extend or shorten the duration of that scene, while keeping the rest of the video intact. This allows you to maintain the rhythm and timing of your video, ensuring that it aligns with your creative vision.

Can you undo a rolling edit in ScreenFlow?

Yes, you can undo a rolling edit in ScreenFlow. ScreenFlow, like many other video editing software, has an "Undo" feature that allows you to revert any changes you've made. This includes rolling edits, which are a type of edit where you adjust the in and out points of two clips at the same time.

To undo a rolling edit, you simply need to go to the "Edit" menu at the top of the screen and select "Undo". Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Command + Z. This will undo the last action you performed. If you've made multiple edits and want to undo all of them, you can keep selecting "Undo" or pressing Command + Z until you've reverted back to the point you want.

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