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Adjusting the speed of a clip.

What is retiming in ScreenFlow?

Retime in ScreenFlow is a feature that allows users to adjust the speed of their video clips. This can be used to create slow-motion effects, speed up certain sections, or even reverse the footage. The retime feature is very flexible, allowing users to apply different speed settings to different parts of the same clip.

To use the retime feature, users simply need to select the clip they want to adjust, then choose the "retime" option. From there, they can adjust the speed of the clip using a slider, or enter a specific speed percentage. Users can also add multiple speed points to a single clip, allowing for complex speed changes throughout the clip. This feature is particularly useful for creating dynamic and engaging videos.

How to adjust timing in ScreenFlow?

ScreenFlow allows you to adjust the timing of your video clips, audio clips, and other elements in your project. To adjust the timing, you need to use the timeline feature in ScreenFlow. The timeline is located at the bottom of the ScreenFlow interface and it displays all the elements of your project in chronological order.

To adjust the timing of a specific element, click on it in the timeline to select it. Then, click and drag the edges of the element to adjust its duration. You can also click and drag the entire element to change its position in the timeline. If you want to adjust the timing of the entire project, you can click and drag the playhead, which is the vertical line that indicates the current position in the timeline.

Remember to preview your changes before finalizing to ensure that the timing is exactly as you want it. You can do this by clicking the play button in the preview window. If you're not satisfied with the changes, you can always undo them by clicking the undo button or using the keyboard shortcut Command + Z.

How to use retiming feature in ScreenFlow?

ScreenFlow's retiming feature allows you to adjust the speed of your video clips, which can be useful for creating slow-motion or fast-forward effects. To use this feature, first, select the clip you want to adjust in your timeline. Then, go to the "Clip Inspector" panel and find the "Video" tab. Under this tab, you'll see a "Speed" slider that you can use to adjust the speed of your clip. Dragging the slider to the right will speed up your clip, while dragging it to the left will slow it down.

You can also manually enter a speed percentage in the box next to the slider. For example, entering 50% will make your clip play at half speed, creating a slow-motion effect. Conversely, entering 200% will make your clip play twice as fast, creating a fast-forward effect. Remember to click "Apply" to save your changes. You can preview the changes in the preview window. If you're not satisfied with the result, you can always undo the changes or adjust the speed again until you achieve the desired effect.

Can you change the speed of a clip in ScreenFlow?

Yes, you can change the speed of a clip in ScreenFlow. ScreenFlow offers a feature that allows you to adjust the speed of your video clips. This can be useful for creating slow-motion effects or speeding up a long section of footage to make it more engaging for your viewers.

To change the speed of a clip, you simply need to select the clip in your timeline, then go to the video properties panel and adjust the speed slider. You can slow down your clip by moving the slider to the left, or speed it up by moving it to the right. The percentage shown indicates how much faster or slower the clip will play compared to its original speed.

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