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When a former subscriber opts back into your email list.

What is resubscribe in ConvertKit?

Resubscribe in ConvertKit refers to the process of re-adding a subscriber to your email list after they have previously unsubscribed. This feature is particularly useful for email marketers who want to re-engage with past subscribers. It's important to note that ConvertKit respects the privacy of its users and adheres to email marketing laws, so a subscriber can only be resubscribed if they explicitly opt-in to receive emails again.

The resubscribe feature in ConvertKit is designed to be user-friendly. If a subscriber who has previously unsubscribed tries to opt-in again through a form or landing page, they will receive an email asking them to confirm their subscription. Once they click the confirmation link, they will be resubscribed to the email list. This ensures that all subscribers on your list have willingly chosen to receive your emails, which can improve engagement and deliverability rates.

How do I resubscribe to a sequence in ConvertKit?

To resubscribe to a sequence in ConvertKit, you first need to log into your ConvertKit account. Once you're logged in, navigate to the "Subscribers" tab on the dashboard. Here, you'll find a list of all your subscribers. Find the subscriber who wants to resubscribe to a sequence and click on their name to open their profile.

In the subscriber's profile, you'll see a section called "Sequences". Here, you can see all the sequences that the subscriber is currently subscribed to, as well as those they've been unsubscribed from. To resubscribe the subscriber to a sequence, simply find the sequence they want to resubscribe to and click on the "Resubscribe" button next to it. The subscriber will then be resubscribed to the sequence and will start receiving emails from it again.

Why can't I resubscribe a subscriber in ConvertKit?

ConvertKit has a policy that prevents users from resubscribing a subscriber who has previously unsubscribed or been deleted from a list. This is primarily to protect the privacy of the subscriber and to comply with anti-spam laws. When a subscriber chooses to unsubscribe, they are expressing their wish not to receive any more emails. Resubscribing them without their explicit consent can be considered a violation of their privacy and can potentially lead to legal issues.

However, if the subscriber themselves wish to resubscribe, they can do so by opting in again through your website or any other platform where you have your ConvertKit form or landing page. It's important to note that they must do this themselves to ensure that they are giving their explicit consent to be added back to your email list. This way, ConvertKit ensures that all subscribers on your list are there by choice, which can lead to higher engagement and fewer spam complaints.

What happens when I resubscribe someone in ConvertKit?

When you resubscribe someone in ConvertKit, you are essentially re-adding them to your email list. This means that they will start receiving your emails again. This could be useful in situations where a subscriber has accidentally unsubscribed or if they have changed their mind and want to start receiving your emails again.

However, it's important to note that you can only resubscribe someone if they have manually unsubscribed themselves. If they were removed due to a complaint or a bounce, ConvertKit will not allow you to resubscribe them. This is to protect your sender reputation and to comply with email marketing laws and regulations.

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