Podcasting terms


The closing segment of a podcast episode, often summarizing the episode and providing additional information or calls to action.

What is an outro in podcasting?

An outro in podcasting refers to the concluding segment of the podcast episode. It is the part that wraps up the episode and typically includes a summary of the episode, a thank you to the listeners, and a call to action such as asking listeners to subscribe, share, or leave a review. The outro can also include information about where to find more content from the podcast, such as the podcast's website or social media channels.

The outro is an essential part of a podcast as it leaves a lasting impression on the listener. It can help to reinforce the main points or themes of the episode, and it can also help to build a relationship with the listener by inviting them to engage further with the podcast. A well-crafted outro can help to increase listener engagement and loyalty, and can also help to promote the podcast and grow its audience.

What is the importance of an outro in podcasting?

An outro in podcasting plays a crucial role in wrapping up the content and leaving a lasting impression on the listeners. It serves as a conclusion, summarizing the key points discussed in the podcast, and often includes a call-to-action, encouraging listeners to engage further with the content, such as subscribing to the podcast, leaving a review, or visiting a website for more information. This can help to increase listener engagement and loyalty, and potentially attract new listeners.

Moreover, an outro can also provide a sense of closure and completeness to each episode, enhancing the overall listening experience. It can also be used to promote upcoming episodes, giving listeners something to look forward to and a reason to return. Thus, an effective outro can contribute to the success and growth of a podcast.

How to create an effective outro for a podcast?

Creating an effective outro for a podcast involves summarizing the key points discussed, thanking the audience for their time, and providing a call to action. The outro should start by summarizing the main points or takeaways from the episode to reinforce the information in the listener's mind. This could include a brief recap of the topics discussed, the answers to any questions posed during the podcast, or a summary of the guest's main points if there was one.

Next, express gratitude to your listeners for their time and attention. This helps to build a connection with your audience and shows appreciation for their support. Finally, provide a call to action. This could be asking listeners to subscribe, share, or leave a review for your podcast. You could also direct them to your website or social media platforms for more information. Additionally, if your podcast is part of a series, you can tease the topic of the next episode to keep your audience engaged and looking forward to the next installment.

What should be included in a podcast outro?

A podcast outro should include a few key elements to effectively wrap up the episode and maintain listener engagement. Firstly, it should include a summary or recap of the episode's content, highlighting the key points discussed. This helps to reinforce the information for the listener and gives them a clear takeaway from the episode.

Secondly, the outro should include a call to action. This could be asking listeners to subscribe, leave a review, share the podcast, or visit a website for more information. It's also a good idea to tease the next episode, giving listeners a reason to tune in again. Lastly, the outro should include acknowledgements or credits, thanking any guests, co-hosts, or sponsors. This not only shows appreciation but also adds a professional touch to the podcast.

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