Podcasting terms

Narrative Podcast

A podcast that tells a story, often through interviews, sound effects, and narration.

What is a narrative podcast in podcasting?

A narrative podcast in podcasting is a type of podcast that tells a story, either factual or fictional, across multiple episodes. It is structured around a plot, with each episode contributing to the overall storyline. This type of podcast is often scripted and involves a host or narrator who guides the listener through the story. The narrative can be linear, with each episode following the previous one, or non-linear, with episodes jumping around in time or perspective.

Narrative podcasts can cover a wide range of genres, including true crime, history, science fiction, and more. They often feature elements such as interviews, sound effects, and music to enhance the storytelling experience. The goal of a narrative podcast is to engage the listener in a compelling story, often with the aim of conveying a particular message or theme.

How to create a narrative podcast in podcasting?

Creating a narrative podcast in podcasting involves several steps. First, you need to come up with a compelling story or concept. This could be a fictional tale, a true story, or an exploration of a particular topic. Once you have your concept, you need to write a script. This will guide your recording and ensure that your podcast has a clear structure and flow. It's also important to consider the length of your podcast episodes and how frequently you'll release new ones.

Next, you'll need to record your podcast. This can be done using a variety of tools, from simple smartphone apps to professional recording equipment. You'll also need to edit your podcast to remove any mistakes or unnecessary parts, and to add any music or sound effects. Once your podcast is recorded and edited, you can publish it on a podcast hosting platform. This will allow people to find and listen to your podcast. Finally, promoting your podcast is crucial to attract listeners and grow your audience. This can be done through social media, your own website, or through collaborations with other podcasters.

What are the best narrative podcasts in podcasting?

There are several narrative podcasts that have gained popularity due to their engaging storytelling and high-quality production. "Serial," produced by the creators of "This American Life," is one of the most famous narrative podcasts. It tells a true story over the course of a season, with each episode building on the last to create a compelling narrative. The first season, which investigates the 1999 murder of a high school student, has been particularly praised for its in-depth reporting and suspenseful storytelling.

Another highly recommended narrative podcast is "The Moth." This podcast features real people telling their own extraordinary stories in front of a live audience. The stories range from hilarious to heartbreaking, and the live audience adds an extra layer of authenticity and immediacy. "Lore" is another popular choice, especially for fans of the eerie and unexplained. Each episode explores a new dark historical tale in a modern campfire experience. Lastly, "Radiolab" is a show that blurs the boundaries between science, philosophy, and human experience, creating narratives that are both intellectually stimulating and emotionally resonant.

How to monetize a narrative podcast in podcasting?

Monetizing a narrative podcast can be achieved through several methods. One of the most common ways is through sponsorships and advertisements. This involves partnering with companies or brands that are willing to pay for ad spots within your podcast episodes. These ads can be pre-recorded or read by the host during the podcast. The rate you can charge for these ads typically depends on the number of listeners or downloads your podcast receives.

Another method is through listener support, which can be facilitated through platforms like Patreon or Kickstarter. Here, listeners can donate or subscribe to your podcast for a monthly fee, often in exchange for bonus content or other perks. Additionally, you can also monetize your podcast by selling merchandise related to your show or by hosting live events or shows. Lastly, you can offer premium content or subscriptions, where listeners pay to access ad-free episodes or exclusive content.

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