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A shorter course often used as a lead magnet.

What is a mini-course in Kajabi?

A mini-course in Kajabi is a smaller, more condensed version of a full-length course. It is designed to provide a brief, focused learning experience on a specific topic. This type of course is often used as a lead magnet to attract potential customers, giving them a taste of the content and teaching style before they commit to a full course.

The mini-course can be made up of a few lessons or modules, and it can include various types of content such as videos, text, quizzes, and downloadable resources. It's a great way for course creators to showcase their expertise, build trust with potential customers, and ultimately drive sales for their full-length courses.

How much does a Mini-Course in Kajabi cost?

The cost of a Mini-Course in Kajabi can vary depending on several factors. Kajabi itself is a platform that offers different pricing plans, which include the creation and selling of online courses. The cost of these plans ranges from $149 to $399 per month, depending on the features and services you need.

However, the cost of a specific Mini-Course within Kajabi can be set by the course creator, so it can greatly vary. Some course creators may offer their courses for free, while others may charge anywhere from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. It's best to check the specific course you're interested in for the most accurate pricing.

How long does it take to complete a Mini-Course in Kajabi?

The duration to complete a Mini-Course in Kajabi can vary greatly depending on the specific course content, the individual's pace of learning, and the amount of time they can dedicate to the course each day. Kajabi does not have a standard length for their mini-courses as they are created by different course creators who have the freedom to design their course according to their own preferences.

For instance, some mini-courses could be completed in a few hours, while others might take several days or even weeks. It's best to check the course description or reach out to the course creator for a more accurate estimate. Remember, the goal is to fully understand and absorb the course material, so it's important not to rush through the content.

What topics are covered in a Mini-Course in Kajabi?

A Mini-Course in Kajabi covers a wide range of topics, depending on the specific course. However, the primary focus is on teaching users how to effectively use the Kajabi platform to create, market, and sell online courses and products. This includes understanding the platform's features, such as website building, email marketing, customer management, and analytics.

The course also covers topics like content creation, course structuring, and pricing strategies. It provides insights into marketing strategies, such as using social media and SEO to attract and retain customers. Additionally, it may delve into more advanced topics like automation, integrations with other tools, and using Kajabi's API for custom development. The aim is to equip users with the knowledge and skills to successfully run an online business using Kajabi.

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