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Mid-Roll Ads

Advertisements that appear in the middle of a video.

What is a mid-roll ad in YouTube?

A mid-roll ad on YouTube is a type of advertisement that plays in the middle of a video, similar to a commercial break on television. These ads are typically inserted at a natural break point in the video to cause minimal disruption to the viewer. They can be either skippable or non-skippable, depending on the preferences set by the content creator or advertiser.

Mid-roll ads are only available for videos that are at least 10 minutes long. This type of ad can be an effective way for content creators to monetize their videos, as they have the potential to generate revenue each time the ad is viewed or interacted with. However, they must be used judiciously to avoid irritating viewers and potentially driving them away.

How much money can you make from Mid-Roll Ads on YouTube?

The amount of money you can make from Mid-Roll Ads on YouTube varies greatly and depends on several factors. These factors include the number of views your videos receive, the number of clicks the ads get, the type of audience you have, and the specific ad rates. YouTube typically pays creators 55% of the ad revenue, while it keeps 45%.

For instance, if you have a high viewer engagement and your audience is in a demographic that advertisers are willing to pay more to reach, you could earn a higher income. However, it's important to note that ad rates fluctuate throughout the year, being higher during certain seasons like Christmas. On average, YouTubers earn between $0.01 and $0.03 per ad view, which translates to $3 - $5 per 1000 views. But remember, this is a rough estimate and actual earnings can be higher or lower.

How long should a Mid-Roll Ad on YouTube be?

The length of a mid-roll ad on YouTube can vary, but it is generally recommended to keep it between 15 to 30 seconds. This is because viewers are more likely to watch shorter ads in their entirety, which can lead to higher engagement and conversion rates. However, YouTube does allow mid-roll ads to be up to 3 minutes long.

It's important to note that the effectiveness of a mid-roll ad doesn't just depend on its length, but also on its content and placement. The ad should be engaging and relevant to the viewer, and it should be placed at a natural break in the video to minimize disruption. Ultimately, the best length for a mid-roll ad may depend on the specific goals and audience of the campaign.

How to enable Mid-Roll Ads on YouTube videos?

To enable Mid-Roll Ads on YouTube videos, you first need to ensure that your video is at least 10 minutes long as YouTube only allows mid-roll ads on videos of this length or longer. Once you've confirmed this, you can enable mid-roll ads by going to the YouTube Studio and selecting the video you want to add the ads to. Click on the "Monetization" tab on the left side of the screen, then select "Monetization" from the drop-down menu.

In the Monetization settings, you'll see an option for "During video (mid-roll)". Make sure this box is checked. You can then choose whether you want to place the ads manually or let YouTube do it automatically. If you choose to place them manually, you'll be able to select the exact points in the video where the ads will appear. Once you're done, click "Save". Your changes will be applied and the mid-roll ads will start appearing in your video.

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