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Metadata Viewer

A tool to view and edit metadata attached to clips and timelines.

What is a metadata viewer in DaVinci Resolve?

A metadata viewer in DaVinci Resolve is a feature that allows users to view and manage additional information about their media files. This information, known as metadata, can include details such as the file's name, format, duration, resolution, frame rate, and more. The metadata viewer can be particularly useful for organizing and sorting media files within a project, as it allows users to quickly identify specific characteristics of their files.

In DaVinci Resolve, the metadata viewer is typically found in the Media Pool, Edit, and Cut pages. Users can customize the metadata fields they want to view and edit, making it a flexible tool for managing media. It can also be used to add or modify metadata, such as keywords or comments, which can be helpful for team collaboration or for finding specific clips in a large project.

How to use Metadata Viewer in DaVinci Resolve?

DaVinci Resolve's Metadata Viewer is a powerful tool that allows you to view and manage metadata associated with your media files. To use it, first, you need to import your media files into the Media Pool. Once your files are imported, you can access the Metadata Viewer by clicking on the 'Metadata' tab located in the Media Pool.

In the Metadata Viewer, you can view a wide range of metadata for each file, including file name, format, frame rate, resolution, and more. You can also add or edit metadata fields as needed. To do this, simply select the file you want to edit, then click on the field you want to change and enter the new information. Remember to save your changes before closing the Metadata Viewer. This tool can be particularly useful for organizing and sorting your media files, especially in larger projects.

Where can I find the Metadata Viewer in DaVinci Resolve?

The Metadata Viewer in DaVinci Resolve can be found within the Media and Edit pages of the software. On the Media page, you can find it in the Metadata panel on the right side of the screen. If it's not visible, you can enable it by going to the Workspace menu, selecting Metadata, and then choosing Show Metadata.

On the Edit page, the Metadata Viewer is located in the Inspector panel. If the Inspector panel is not visible, you can enable it by going to the Workspace menu and selecting Inspector. Once the Inspector panel is open, you can switch to the Metadata tab to view the metadata of the selected clip. Remember, the metadata displayed will be for the clip or clips currently selected in your timeline or media pool.

Can I customize the Metadata Viewer in DaVinci Resolve?

Yes, you can customize the Metadata Viewer in DaVinci Resolve. The software allows you to choose which metadata fields you want to view and edit. This can be done by right-clicking in the Metadata Viewer and selecting "Show Metadata Display Options". A dialog box will appear where you can select or deselect the metadata fields you want to see.

Additionally, you can also add custom metadata fields. This is done by going to the Project Settings, then to the Metadata section, and finally to the Custom Metadata tab. Here, you can add new fields and define their properties. This customization allows you to tailor the Metadata Viewer to your specific needs and workflow.

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