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Kajabi Multi-language Support

Support for multiple languages on your Kajabi site.

What is Kajabi multi-language support?

Kajabi multi-language support is a feature that allows users to create and manage content in multiple languages. This feature is designed to help businesses reach a wider audience by providing content in the language that their customers understand best. It allows users to translate their website, courses, and other content into different languages, making it accessible to people from different linguistic backgrounds.

This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses that operate in multiple countries or have a diverse customer base. With Kajabi's multi-language support, businesses can effectively communicate with their customers in their preferred language, enhancing customer experience and satisfaction. It also helps in expanding the business reach and increasing its global footprint.

Does Kajabi support multiple languages?

Yes, Kajabi does support multiple languages. It offers a platform that is multilingual, allowing users to create and manage their online courses in various languages. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses that cater to a global audience, as it allows them to reach and engage with customers in their native language.

However, it's important to note that while Kajabi supports multiple languages, it does not provide automatic translation services. The content, including course materials and website text, must be translated by the user themselves. This means that while you can create a course in any language, you will need to provide your own translations for that content.

How to set up multi-language support in Kajabi?

Setting up multi-language support in Kajabi involves creating separate pages for each language you want to support and then linking them together. Start by creating a new page for each language you want to support. For example, if you want to support English and Spanish, you would create two separate pages. When creating these pages, make sure to write the content in the respective language.

Once you have created the pages, you need to link them together. This can be done by adding a language selection option on each page. This could be a simple dropdown menu or buttons that allow users to switch between languages. The selection option should redirect users to the corresponding page in their chosen language. Remember to repeat this process for every page on your site that you want to be available in multiple languages.

What languages are supported by Kajabi?

Kajabi supports multiple languages for its platform, but it is primarily designed in English. The platform itself, including the dashboard and other administrative tools, are all in English. However, Kajabi allows users to create and sell courses in any language.

The platform also supports RTL (Right to Left) languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. However, it's important to note that while you can create content in any language, the customer support and help resources provided by Kajabi are only available in English. Therefore, while Kajabi is usable for non-English speakers, it may be more challenging to navigate without English proficiency.

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