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Input Sizing

Settings for adjusting the size, position, and rotation of the entire clip as it comes into the Resolve timeline.

What is input sizing in DaVinci Resolve?

Input sizing in DaVinci Resolve refers to the process of adjusting the size, position, and rotation of a video clip within the frame. This feature allows users to manipulate the dimensions of their footage to fit a specific format or aesthetic. For instance, if a user is working with footage that was shot in a different aspect ratio than the project's settings, they can use input sizing to ensure the footage fits correctly within the frame.

In DaVinci Resolve, input sizing can be accessed through the Inspector panel, where users can adjust parameters such as zoom, position, rotation, and aspect ratio. This feature is particularly useful for tasks such as cropping, re-framing, or adjusting the orientation of a clip. It's an essential tool for video editors, allowing them to have precise control over how their footage is presented.

How to adjust input sizing in DaVinci Resolve?

In DaVinci Resolve, adjusting the input sizing can be done through the Inspector panel. First, select the clip you want to adjust in the timeline. Then, open the Inspector by clicking on the Inspector button located in the top right corner of the interface. If the Inspector panel is not visible, you can enable it by going to the Workspace menu and selecting "Show Inspector".

Once the Inspector panel is open, you will see several options for adjusting the size of your input. Under the "Transform" section, you can adjust parameters like Zoom, Position, and Rotation. You can either manually input values or use the sliders to adjust these parameters. Remember to click on the "done" button to save your changes. If you want to reset any changes, you can click on the reset button next to each parameter.

Why is my input sizing not working in DaVinci Resolve?

There could be several reasons why your input sizing is not working in DaVinci Resolve. One common issue could be related to the software settings. You might have accidentally changed the settings or the software might not be updated to the latest version. It's recommended to check your settings and ensure that you have the latest version of the software installed.

Another possible reason could be related to the file format or codec of the video you are trying to edit. DaVinci Resolve supports a wide range of file formats and codecs, but there might be some that it doesn't support. If this is the case, you might need to convert your video to a different format or codec. Lastly, it could be a bug or a glitch in the software. If none of the above solutions work, you might want to contact DaVinci Resolve's customer support or check online forums for solutions.

Can I change the input sizing for multiple clips at once in DaVinci Resolve?

Yes, you can change the input sizing for multiple clips at once in DaVinci Resolve. This can be done by selecting all the clips you want to adjust in the timeline, then going to the Inspector window and adjusting the Zoom, Position, or Rotation parameters under the Transform section. Any changes you make will apply to all selected clips.

However, it's important to note that this will only work if the clips are the same resolution. If they're not, you'll need to adjust them individually. Also, remember to deselect the clips when you're done to avoid unintentionally applying further changes to all of them.

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