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The attribute of color such as red, blue, or yellow.

What is hue in ScreenFlow?

Hue in ScreenFlow refers to one of the color properties that users can adjust while editing their videos. ScreenFlow is a video editing and screen recording software that offers a range of features, including color correction tools. Hue, in the context of color theory, is essentially what we commonly refer to as 'color'. It is the attribute that distinguishes red from blue, green from orange, and so on.

In ScreenFlow, adjusting the hue can change the overall color tone of the video or a specific part of it. This can be used to create certain moods or effects, correct color imbalances, or enhance the visual appeal of the video. It's a powerful tool for video editors, allowing them to manipulate visuals to achieve their desired aesthetic or narrative effect.

How to adjust hue in ScreenFlow?

In ScreenFlow, adjusting the hue of a video clip or an image is quite straightforward. First, select the clip or image you want to adjust in your timeline. Once selected, navigate to the video properties tab on the right side of the screen. This tab contains all the video adjustment tools including hue.

To adjust the hue, look for the "Color Controls" section in the video properties tab. Here, you will find a slider for hue. Click and drag the slider to the left or right to adjust the hue of your selected clip or image. The changes will be applied immediately, allowing you to see the effect in real time. Remember to save your changes once you're satisfied with the new hue.

What does hue value represent in ScreenFlow?

In ScreenFlow, the hue value represents the color component within an image or video. It is a part of the HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness) color model used in color editing and correction. The hue value determines the type of color being used, such as red, blue, green, etc. It is typically represented on a color wheel, where each color corresponds to a certain degree between 0 and 360.

Adjusting the hue value in ScreenFlow can significantly alter the overall color scheme of the image or video. For instance, increasing or decreasing the hue value can shift all colors in the image or video towards a different color. This can be useful for creating certain visual effects or correcting color imbalances in the original footage.

How to change hue value in ScreenFlow?

To change the hue value in ScreenFlow, you first need to select the clip you want to modify. Once the clip is selected, navigate to the video properties tab, which is typically located on the right side of the screen. This tab contains various settings that you can adjust to modify the appearance of your video, including hue.

In the video properties tab, look for the "Color Controls" section. Here, you will find a slider for hue. Click and drag this slider to adjust the hue of your video. Moving the slider to the right will increase the hue value, while moving it to the left will decrease it. As you adjust the slider, you should see the changes reflected in your video in real time. Once you're satisfied with the new hue, you can close the video properties tab and continue editing your project.

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