Podcasting terms


An invited person who appears on a podcast episode to discuss a topic or share expertise.

What is a guest in podcasting?

In podcasting, a guest refers to an individual who is invited to participate in a podcast episode by the host or hosts. This person is usually someone who has specific knowledge, expertise, or experience in a particular field or topic that is relevant to the podcast's theme or the specific episode's subject matter. The guest contributes to the podcast by sharing their insights, stories, or perspectives, often through an interview format.

The role of a guest in a podcast can vary. They may be there to provide expert commentary, share personal experiences, or even just to engage in a casual conversation with the host. The guest's contribution can add value to the podcast by providing diverse viewpoints, enhancing the depth of the discussion, and increasing listener interest. In some cases, having a well-known or influential guest can also help to attract more listeners to the podcast.

How much should I pay a guest on my podcast?

The amount you should pay a guest on your podcast can vary greatly depending on several factors. These include the guest's level of expertise, their popularity or celebrity status, the length of the podcast, and the budget you have for your podcast. Some podcast hosts do not pay their guests at all, especially if the guest is receiving exposure or promotion from being on the podcast.

However, if you decide to pay your guests, the amount can range from a small honorarium of $50-$100 to several thousand dollars for high-profile guests. It's important to negotiate this fee upfront and ensure both parties are comfortable with the arrangement. Remember, the value of the guest's contribution to your podcast is not only in their time but also in the unique content they provide, which can attract and retain listeners.

How to find and invite guests for a podcast?

Finding and inviting guests for a podcast involves a few steps. First, identify potential guests who are relevant to your podcast's theme or topic. This could be industry experts, influencers, or even people with interesting stories or experiences. You can find these individuals through social media platforms, professional networking sites, or by attending industry events and conferences. It's also beneficial to listen to other podcasts and note any guests that you find particularly engaging or insightful.

Once you've identified potential guests, the next step is to reach out to them. You can do this through email or direct messages on social media. In your message, introduce yourself and your podcast, explain why you think they would be a great fit for your show, and invite them to be a guest. Be sure to provide details about what they can expect from the interview, such as the topics you'd like to discuss and the estimated length of the episode. It's also a good idea to let them know how your podcast can benefit them, such as by providing exposure to a new audience.

What is the role of a guest in a podcast?

A guest in a podcast plays a crucial role in providing a fresh perspective, expert knowledge, or unique insights on the topic being discussed. They are often invited because they have a particular expertise or experience that aligns with the podcast's theme or the specific episode's focus. The guest's role is to engage in conversation with the host, answer questions, and share their thoughts and experiences to enrich the content and provide value to the listeners.

In addition, a guest can also help in attracting a wider audience to the podcast. If the guest has their own following, their appearance on the podcast can draw in their fans or followers, potentially increasing the podcast's listenership. They can also add credibility to the podcast, especially if they are a recognized authority or influencer in their field. Overall, a guest's role in a podcast is to contribute to the content, enhance listener engagement, and potentially expand the podcast's reach.

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