ConvertKit terms

Featured Work

Specific projects or products highlighted on your profile.

What is the featured work in ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is primarily known for its email marketing software, which is its featured work. This software is designed to help creators earn a living online. It provides a range of tools that allow users to gather and manage email subscribers, create and send out email broadcasts, automate email sequences, and design landing pages and forms.

The software is also equipped with advanced email marketing features such as segmentation and tagging, which allow users to send targeted emails to specific groups of subscribers. Additionally, ConvertKit offers integration with various e-commerce platforms, membership sites, and webinar tools, making it a comprehensive solution for online creators and marketers.

How can I use the Featured Work feature in ConvertKit?

The Featured Work feature in ConvertKit allows you to showcase your best content or products to your subscribers. To use this feature, you first need to navigate to the 'Landing Page & Forms' section in your ConvertKit account. From there, select the 'Featured Work' option. You can then add the content or products you want to feature by providing the necessary details such as the title, description, and link. You can also add an image to make it more appealing.

Once you've added your featured work, it will appear on your landing page or forms, depending on your settings. This allows your subscribers to easily access and view your best content or products. You can add as many featured works as you want and you can also edit or remove them anytime. This feature is a great way to promote your work and increase engagement with your subscribers.

What are the benefits of using Featured Work in ConvertKit?

Using Featured Work in ConvertKit offers several benefits. Firstly, it allows users to showcase their best content, products, or services directly on their landing page. This can help attract potential customers and increase conversions by highlighting the most valuable or popular offerings. It can also provide a quick overview of what the user or business is about, helping to build credibility and trust with visitors.

Secondly, the Featured Work section can be customized to fit the user's brand and style, making it a versatile tool for different types of businesses and content creators. It can be used to feature blog posts, podcasts, digital products, courses, and more. This flexibility allows users to adapt their landing page to their specific needs and goals. Additionally, it can help keep the landing page fresh and engaging by regularly updating the featured content.

How can I optimize the Featured Work section in ConvertKit for better results?

Optimizing the Featured Work section in ConvertKit can be achieved by focusing on a few key areas. Firstly, ensure that the content you're featuring is your best and most relevant work. This could be your most popular blog posts, your top-selling products, or any other content that has proven to be successful. Make sure this content is presented in a visually appealing way, with high-quality images and compelling headlines.

Secondly, make sure your Featured Work section is easily accessible and visible. Place it in a prominent position on your website or email newsletter, where it's likely to catch the attention of your audience. You can also consider adding a call-to-action, encouraging visitors to check out your featured work. Lastly, regularly update this section. Fresh content not only keeps your audience engaged, but it also gives them a reason to keep coming back.

Remember, the goal of the Featured Work section is to showcase your best content and entice your audience to engage further with your brand. Therefore, it's crucial to keep it updated, relevant, and appealing.

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